A Message from Kitty re: Meghan Markle

There is no license from a magistrate in the UK for a marriage . If the marriage is not in a church and is to take place in a registry office a license is required issued by the registry office for that marriage . . A church wedding requires a passport or other identification ., proof of residence within the parish , a bill for example . A decree absolute for a divorced person which is all dealt with by the vicar or priest in charge of the Church . As a Foriegn national MM may have been required to have a license from a local register office as well .

I would dispute the stories of the wedding being a “sham ” .JD The Archbishop of Canterbury is the principal leader of the Church of England and the symbolic head of the Worldwide Anglican Communion representing almost 100 million people . The Queen is the Supreme Governor of the Church of England , in effect representing God here on this earth .
The First Archbishop of Canterbury was Augustine of Canterbury 597 ., there has been an Archbishop of Canterbury for 1400 years .
To suggest a “sham ” marriage would be sanctioned by the Queen as Supreme Governor of the Church of England and Justin Welby as the leader of the Church of England and 100 million Anglicans is frankly not possible , jeopardising a 1400 year. old institution for MM is too much of a stretch .

The record of of a Royal marriage is not legally required to be shown to the general public ., however it is a legal requirement for the marriage certificates to be signed, and these records belong to both the state and the Church.They will eventually be (historically )available ) A sham marriage would simply not be allowed . It would cause a constitutional political , legal and ecumenical crisis and could mean all marriages conducted by Anglican priests wordwide to be null and void . . The birth certificate is essentially a private affair , any marriage between a senior member of the RF is in effect state owned and is governed by both church and state .
The RF can do a lot of things but not this .


DM – Prince William and Prince Harry have a lot of unresolved issues

Prince William, 37, and Prince Harry, 35, are said to no longer have anyone to ‘help mediate’ after the 2017 departure of the Queen’s longstanding private secretary Christopher Geidt. 

Sir Geidt, who served in the role for ten years, was often known to smooth over any grievances between the brothers and the rest of the British royal family.

‘Petty grievances can become huge conflicts between all the different royal offices if they aren’t managed correctly, and that’s exactly what’s happening now,’ an anonymous friend told People.

CDAN – Blinds on Royals and Ghislaine Maxwell

Blind Item #9

According to the former assistant of the madam/procurer turned voice over actress, the madam said she had audio recordings of the disgraced royal taking kickbacks for favorable trade agreements.

Anon said: Harry has new hair

You can see the plugs in the front of the hairline. Guess Meghan doesn’t want a bald man.

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yeah, he’s bald!  LOL

Anon said: Clinton and Markle

‘I want to put my arms around Meghan and tell her to keep going, do what you think is right’: Hillary Clinton says she wants to hug Duchess of Sussex over ‘racist and sexist’ treatment as she arrives in the UK to plug a new book

OMG, not too obvious. Clinton Clown cheering on the spy who shags Harry!

Boo Hoo, race stun grenade

It’s criticisms for being a hypocrite, not anything to do with the color of your skin. It’s a fake narrative by the Democrats.

Thanks, anon, JD 🌸😎🥰

Sarri submits: Samantha Markle interview

Meghan Markle’s half-sister blames ‘death threats’ on a tell-all book on Duchess of Sussex.

Meghan Markle’s half-sister blames ‘death threats’ on tell-all book on Duchess of Sussex



She said the harassment she was subjected to forced her to move twice, first from Florida and then from Virginia after online trolls “taunted” her with threatening images of her and her home.


I agree with Sam Markle, and I have felt the harassment with death threats as well. Sam does warn that there are many fake accounts out there that claim they are her.  I’ve warned all of you to beware of these accounts.

Ki Native and Monroe trolls are the worst!  Could Meghan stop it, YES!!  One message to these people to stop these life threats would do it, but they have crossed the line with personal information.

How could you ghost a father that was loved and adored, had two heart attacks and still crickets.  I think someone lying, Meghan!

This interview was done by an NBC affiliate WFLA in Tampa, FL.

If the Royal family wants to get you, they will!  Be Safe Samantha

Don’t believe the hype that Meghan Markle lost her titles

It’s much to do about nothing, pure PR clickbait for sympathy! Big bad monarchy picking on the mixed-race WOKE self-described Queen of the world.

American Media Group ran that rubbish:


Even though the BRF may pay for ads in knee pad magazines, it will be fluffy pieces like the Cambridge kids, to soothe the public from the bad press of the woke couple from hell.


Please, stop believing clickbait articles that claim they know what the Queen or Prince Phillip are thinking, one thing I learned early on that nobody knows what the Queen is thinking.  It’s not the style to strip titles, at least at this point. That would be a bad strategy considering MM is still in the family.

The BRF always takes the passive approach, but what they don’t have to do is to support MM’s lousy behavior. This is the time to let her run with the rope and see how far it takes her. Remember, timing is everything; trust issues prevail.

If Harry and MM want to rush off to the US, let them. I expect random spottings, and Harry may wonder again how the paps know where to find them as he did before in 2016.  He has to learn the hard way.

Meghan Markle gambled and is failing badly. Try to release anything about BRF Meghan, and all that crap that was moved to the dark web will magically appear again, including the tossed salad.

PS: Lord Geidt is not part of this if he were the woke couple would have their wings clipped. Do you see this happening? No, don’t believe the delusional blogger on tumblr. There was a time it may have been necessary but not anymore.

It is up to Harry to decide, choose wisely. The family should always come; first, I mean blood family Harry.

Anon said: Harry-Diana sympathy card

Harry doesn’t like the media, yet he married someone who is obsessed with the media and social media, someone who craves attention and is hungry for fame and power. For a job he’s been doing all his life, he allows her to introduce herself 1st and write his speeches. Also, his new best friends Oprah, Gayle, and Ellen are part of the media, and he allowed them to visit him personally in his home and to talk about him on TV.

His new best friends are all celebrities who use the media to promote themselves. Meg has been using her friends to speak through the media and social media. I would believe he doesn’t like the media if he chooses to live a private life with no public role. I don’t doubt that he’ll always grieve for his mother. But I think he’s also learned to use it as a get out of jail free card.

You can’t be mean to me, my mother died. You can’t criticize me, my mother died. Feel sorry for me, my mother died. I can do what I want, my mother died. I know I sound harsh, but many people have lost a parent in far worse circumstances and don’t use it as a crutch for the rest of their lives. He’s very obviously using his mother’s death to counteract the bad publicity and his and his wife’s unpopularity, which is pretty shameful.

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It’s a disaster PR plan, and I can’t believe they are still digging Diana up as an excuse for bad behavior.  Ask yourself, who is Harry irate about?  Harry keeps saying, the role, the family, the media, Whoah is me, my media-obsessed wife is Diana 2.0, can’t you all see it?! Meghan’s is perfect, and she tells me every day, even though she never reads about herself.  We both despise the internet, but they are directing the UBER dangerous fans to attack other people’s criticisms with death threats.


They ruined a tour that was supposed to be about HM and the commonwealth. The Sussex’s IMO pre-planned this attack on the United Kingdon and the BRF. They are both paranoid!

Yes, they are a lovely couple from Woke Hell preaching the Hillary Clinton and George Soros lunatic ideas.  It’s almost as bad as Duke and Duchess of Windsor visiting Hilter.

Please go away soon!