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Prince Louis was the cutest of them all!

Royal in training! Prince Louis makes his palace balcony debut as he waves to crowds with Prince George and Princess Charlotte


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tumblr Anonymous said: Regarding Meghan’s Mirror

Regarding Meghan’s Mirror – it’s also funny how they sometimes know BEFORE the event what Meghan will wear. They have photos of her outfit etc. sometimes before she even arrives at the event.
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That’s so obvious by yesterday paid for article the Daily Mail ran yesterday.ย  Meghan continues her reign of PR terror on the good people of the world.

Please, who wants to look at that same type outfit but slightly different, that’s why I prefer this young lady!

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Tada! Duchess of Cambridge with the new family Rock star! Prince Louis!

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They’ll send in Will and Kate! Good Idea!

So if Australia’s government are aiming for a republic referendum in 2021-22 my guess is the RF will send Will and Kate out there possibly with George and Charlotte maybe even Louis too as a charm offensive.

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What a wonderful idea!ย  I love Kate’s outfit, classic she’ll get many miles from this look.

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Classic good looks, clean, together, loyalty is a winner

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Love, love, love ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–

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Superweapon!ย  How can they resist this awesome baby!ย  photo credit to the Duchess of Cambridge๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’‹

Maybe we should blog more about the Cambridge’s they are truly wonderful for GB!ย  God Bless them!

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Express~ MM and Harry~ Prince Louis outranks you!

The post prompted a backlash from royal followers as Meghan and Harry did not use the totโ€™s official title.

One Instagram user wrote: โ€œ@sussexroyal if you don’t believe in titles that’s fair enough, but then don’t expect people to use yours to address you.

โ€œThis is a public forum, not a private home. it takes away from the royal mystique to make the BRF sound too everyday.โ€

Another said: โ€œ@sussexroyal It’s Prince Louis to you; he outranks you both.โ€


Prince Charles & Prince Louis Anon

Absolutely LOOVING that picture of Charles and Louis. I think it might be time for our Catherine to have another baby.

It is adorable isn’t it! Some people say that each set of grandparents has one grandchild that is “theirs”. In my opinion George is the Middleton/Carol’s grandchild, Charlotte is Camilla’s, and Louis is DEFINITELY Charles’s. Perhaps if she has one more that will be Michael Middleton’s! Lol – but the Cambridge’s are a beautiful family that is a fact!
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Prince Charles & Prince Louis

Kate and her Wonderful Ways!

There is really nothing to say about this so I’ll just let y’all enjoy the photo proof that Kate never fails to keep Diana included in her children’s lives.

And I’m sure, even though, they were divorced when she died, Charles appreciates Kate’s efforts because he knows how much those efforts meant to William and he loves and adores his son.

Well done Kate!

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Kate and her Wonderful Ways

Kate is a Genius

At the end of October, William and Kate fans were all waiting for the release of a photo of six month Prince Louis.

Well ladies and gentlemen, HERE IT IS! Yes it is a photo used for the celebration of Prince Charles’s 70th Birthday but it also is a photo being released close the the obligatory 6 month photo.

MM can release all the negative PR articles about Kate she wants but this photo shows us that Kate goes high when MM goes low. Not only do we get our photo but it’s significant that Charles and Louis are the focus! Plus this was released for Charles’s 70th! Nailed it!!!

Prince Louis is said to be named after Prince Charles’s great-uncle Lord Louis Mountbatten who was assassinated in 1979. Lord Mountbatten and Charles had a very close relationship and his death devastated Charles.

Again…keep the smear campaign coming MM because KM has been trained by the experts at handling those beneath her, like you.

breezycooke ๐Ÿค ๐Ÿ’จ๐Ÿค ๐Ÿ’จ

Kate is a Genius