Queen Elizabeth & Prince Phillip – CA Wildfires

Queen Elizabeth & Prince Phillip – CA Wildfires

Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II and His Royal Highness Prince Phillip offer their deepest sympathies to the people affected by the California wildfires.

November 16, 2018

breezycooke 🙏🙏🙏🙏

Queen Elizabeth & Prince Phillip – CA Wildfires

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Harry Bows – Queen Looks Away

Harry Bows – Queen Looks Away

I recently downloaded a GIF app so that I can upload my own GIF’s instead of using the ones already on Tumblr. I like to have multiple options for the response I want to give when using a GIF.

Today I had some time and decided to search in my new app for Meghan Markle GIF’s…hahahaha…of course a ton came up from the Royal Wedding but one popped up that I found interesting.

It’s the moment when…

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