105 comments now on DCDAN blind 15 about her not helping her Dada comments range from “the hooker the ho the yachter etc to this one:

If anyone here knows of any reason why these two should not married….”
The Church should be full of people with some really interesting answers to that question…

another one

The greed and lust for power are practically shining from her eyes.
She can’t even hide it. Disastrous for the royal family.

Unknown people ‘worth millions’ don’t yacht

samples – she is not a popular cookie on CDAN either but she don’t care she got what she wanted

No press is bad press, wait until she gets our bill!  I want 3 million


I sent in that previous post (the chief resident) to highlight the ridiculousness of the on-going gaslighting regarding Mr. Markle. We don’t know exactly what happened behind the closed doors; so I thought sharing my own personal experience might help others understand what it’s like. When it comes to coercion, gender is irrelevant: as evident from the current predicament, men can be victims of such chicaneries too. These deceits should be lambasted regardless of the circumstances of the perpetrators: sick family members may warrant our deepest regards; but that sympathy does not and should not extend so far as to overlook their misdeeds. Their family members’ illnesses are completely irrelevant to the situation at hand unless they’re used to emphasize the perpetrators’ selfishness to go far as to use even their own kin to garner sympathy.

We ALL have circumstances we can use as excuses; some of us choose to, while the rest of us prefer to put on a brave face. Regardless of our individual choices, there’s a limit to how much we can use such matter to seek others’ understandings. In my opinion, our personal circumstances fail to serve as excuses the moment our behavior infringes upon others’ pursuit of happiness. Just because there are people out there who are willing to overlook our missteps during turbulent times doesn’t mean we can take advantage of them and set their understanding as the standard. Also, misbehavior is no longer an accident or a coincidence if it occurs consistently and regularly; at this point, it’s a habit reflective of the perpetrator’s character.

Ms. Markle’s amoral behaviors occurred too frequently to be mistakes. Her father’s illness cannot excuse her abhorrent behaviors now. If she is to corner Harry by trying to portray him as a heartless ass who dumped her when she needed him the most, she should remember her current actions and the messages they send. If she’s not worried enough to be at her father’s bedside, she can’t use him as a reason Harry should remain by her side. Even if she were concerned enough to be at the hospital, you don’t get to force your partner to marry you just because you’re in a difficult place in life. Lies and deception always have a way of coming back to haunt you; Ms. Markle is learning this the hard way now.

-Roseberrycupcakes (RCC)

Thank you Roseberrycupcakes, Yep it is her toxic character alright, you know there won’t be room for Harry soon, she’ll kick him to the curb and belittle him. 


“royal expert Omid Scobie also says in the new issue of Us. “She is this woman who is an accomplished actress and philanthropist who wasn’t afraid to use the F-word — feminism. She was already shunning traditional dating protocols.”

Your Cards are broken, sorry

Update on PH/MM/Wedding/Marriage

Fair warning – I have a lot of post to get through so I’m not going to include the spreads/ cards and their interpretations. I’m just gonna write a few sentences to answer the questions. And this may be my last post on PH/MM for a little bit – by the time I got to the end of this reading I just felt so over it – Over PH, over MM, over the whole doomed relationship, over this weird ju ju energy. 

PH and MM are they getting married on Saturday? WOW! The cards could not have been any clearer. They most definitely are getting married.

What’s the first year of marriage look like for PH/MM?  Man some people just can’t catch a break. I’m sorry to say the next 12 months will suck. Within 1- 3 months their hearts are broken by something. It’s sudden and unexpected and throws their emotions into disarray. But its super weird because at the end of the line (3 swords – tower – moon) we have 4 of Wands which means joy, celebration, happiness. Even reversed this card still means the same thing just to a lesser degree. I seriously have no clue at to why something that gives them heartbreak and pain should give them joy as well. That is some crazy Nietzsche shit I do not want to get into. And no, it’s not a pregnancy.There’s charity work going on. There’s a balancing act going on. It looks like 1 person is rushing ahead in life while the other is being slow and not really making any movement. By the end of the year 9-12 month time they are battle weary, there is grief, sorrow, and loss, there is self reflection, there is bondage. Someone is focusing on what they don’t have while the other is so focused on what’s in front of them they don’t see what’s being offered. 1 person or both feels trapped and restricted. Basically by the end of the year these 2 will be on different pages. 

What’s the second year of marriage look like for PH/MM?   It looks like they’re on some more stable ground here in the beginning. The relationship is growing and there’s mental clarity. There’s joy and happiness and wishes being fulfilled at the start. Looks like someone is finally getting some recognition of their success in regards to the family. The Lovers are here which can mean a partnership of some kind, a renewal of love, or a third person has entered the scene. I’m gonna go with the third person because down the line there’s a secret lover (Page of Cups, High Priestess) and it’s somehow connected to a charity or this person feels like a charitable person – they just give and give, they want to help, its compassion and from the heart. Last 3 cards, 9-12 month timeframe we have PH walking away from something he once loved but no longer and it’s blessed. (8 of Cups, Queen of Pentacles, Star).

I’m not going to write if it’s a person or a thing he walks away from because we’re talking about 2 years from now and no doubt his path will/may change. Tarot only reads in the moment – once you make a decision or change your path the cards change too. And hopefully they will because the cards get very dark down that path.  

Will PH/MM get a divorce? Yes. It looks like MM might be the one to initiate it.

When do they get a divorce? Within 3 years.  

Will PH be given a Dukedom? Yes. But the cards were unclear as to which one. (Perhaps HM is still trying to decide???) I wonder if she just takes all the eligible dukedoms, writes them on a piece of paper, puts it in a fish bowl and says – “Philip, be a dear and pick one out. Oh dear me, so sorry Harry, love, but it looks like you’re going to be the Duke of Poppycock, how unfortunate. Well, look on the bright side, it’s only for life.” HAHAHAHA!!!! 

If I had to go with my gut I’d say Clarence. It just makes the most sense. Once HM dies, PC becomes King and moves into BP which means PH can move into Clarence. I believe W & K will want to stay at KP with the kids. 

I can’t believe it, this comment was on the DM for only 10 minutes and was deleted. If he wasn’t telling the truth, why delete it? Wow, just wow.

It’s not true this is MM spin doctors at work blame everyone, those pics are new.  Bunch of bullshit, we have PM from Sam.  Don’t believe this trash. Sounds like NYC narrative, her client Markle is in crisis.