Hitting the US Market, that’s not good

Whaat? https://hollywoodlife.com/2018/08/09/meghan-markle-cries-dad-better-off-dead-thomas-markle/

It still makes her look bad. It’s a take on the DM article.  They reached out for comment from MM reps, LOL

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In which Dim Harry realises he maybe was an idiot.



I watched the engagement interview to get the quotes for this poy previous post, and I laughed a the number of times Harry proudly stated ‘Meghan would be unbelievably good at the job, and bea able to deal really well with everything else that comes with it.“ It is a huge relief to him. ROFMLAO. One look at your face and Harry and you looked the most stressed you’ve been, ever.
Boy has no understanding of what the job of being a BRF member really entails. Which is shocking beccause he’s a bloof royal. He’s truly daft. He’s literally as dumb as his character on The Windsors.
He can mess up all he wants and get a pass because (a) he’s Diana’s boy (b) he’s a blood royal and the people automatically give him that respect and love © he’s charismatic in a way that makes people forgive him no matter what he does (d) he’s a man and the rules of patriarchy are such that men and women are held to different standards (e) to be the wife of a senior member of the royal family you need to have nerves of steel, a calm and composed demeanour, the willingness to to make personal sacrifices for the good of The Firm, the willingness and ability to live a life where your personal choices are curtailed, and deal with the character is assassination and criticism of choices without writing over-emotional statements about all of it all the time. (f) and lastly, whether you like it or not, the spouse should ideally have a past that’s free of major scandal and family mebers that don’t cause drama and scandal
Harry, Meghan is street-smart, well-spoken, and has an image of being socially conscious and involved in charity. But does she fit the above parameters? If not, she’s not actually going to do great. Do you see the shit-show the first 3 months have been? Are you surprised? We are not. SMH


I’m telling you, We have known this since November 2016 that she was a phony from day one and a one and done charity to raise her profile. MM never believed it was going to be this hard. Her idea of Royalty was ordering room service and being mean to the help. 

The more she is criticized the worst she is going to get. The more articles she will pump out. 

Although I don’t agree with everything you wrote, I do support you questioning your representative. 

Also, I liked to share that the engagement interview was scripted by MM. It wasn’t supposed to go this far, and the wedding called off.  How absolutely monstrous she was behind the scenes to the staff. KP got a lot of blame, but if you have gone back that far, they stated they were doing everything themselves. 

The invitations were wrong, and people got notified in the most peculiar ways. I guess texting the new deal at weddings. @countesscuriosity 

Hello Magazine: PH & MM spent her birthday apart!

Hello Magazine: PH & MM spent her birthday apart!

Jilly Cooper article

Hi JD, Hope you are well. Have you seen this article?


Jilly’s definitely critical of MM in a roundabout way. The interesting thing is Jilly is great friends with C & C. They all live near each other in Gloucestershire and Jilly is a frequent guest at Highgrove. She would NOT be saying this if she hadn’t been asked to by Charles. This is how Charles gets his real thoughts out via friends. Maybe this is just the start.  

It nice to have friends, maybe it could . Thank you anon 🌺🌺🌺🌺

Ignore the baby talk it’s PR, don’t buy into it


Duchess Meghan‘s father, Thomas Markle, lashed out at his daughter in a new interview, predicting she and husband Prince Harry will have a baby in a year but said he worries he’ll never get to see his grandchildren.

The baby stuff is going to be shoved down your throats, ignore this PR stuff, Felix and I are laughing at this. 😆😆😆 How would he know? Tom hasn’t even met Harry, never stepped foot in England. Tom doesn’t even know where she lives or her phone number by his own admittance. 

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Why we won’t see Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for the next month

Why we won’t see Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for the next month

She is held back at the end

She is held back at the end