Let’s catch up on Q October and more to come

I was moved to tears, and Trey is spot on, it’s up to all of you. God Bless this man.

Sure, Joe! Nothing to see here, RIGHT

GITMO for you, Joe!

Not on our watch!  2nd amendment the right to bear arms against a tyrannical government, Hillary Clinton

More to come, folks!


Good Morning My friends! It’s going to be a Q kind of day

It’s absolutely lovely here in Florida today! The palms trees are gently swaying in the wind. The sky is the bluest I’ve seen in a while with billowy white marshmallow clouds.


As I sit on my lanai with my cuppa and my furry kids, it touches my heart with joy that God has provided for us. Our vision for living a simple life is coming to fruition.  With a roof over our heads and food on the table, dreams of flowers dance through my head.  How and where am I going to plant such joyful colors for all to enjoy?


Although the remodel isn’t completed, I realize that life can be chaotic and stressful, but let it go and stick to God’s plan. Let the stress run off your shoulders, tell your husband or wife how much you love them. There is nothing wrong with forgiveness, as Jesus Christ asked God to forgive all of us.


It’s important not to lose your faith in these volatile news cycles that I see happening all over the world. The Patriots are fighting hard without forgetting to thank God, who gives them strength against the evil forces trying to break your will and God-given freedoms.


God bless Qanon, Joe M, channel 8 and all the patriots, I pray every day for these folks that we will be victorious! Are you awake? A great awakening is happening all over the world.  God bless America and President Trump!

Chatter Intercepted, High Alert, Patriots Ready To Counter The Next Event – Episode 1988b

X22 Report- The Hunt for Red October

The military is now on alert

Joe Biden is expecting to drop out

NYT article

Biden Family was paid off

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Impeachment inquiry is fake

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Letters and subpoenas are different; this is not impeachment inquiry. No one has to answer the letter.

Some Democrats are being pressured, blacked mailed to support impeachment by Tom Styer

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Hey Bobby!  getting sued for the same stuff you bark about





World Trade Center Bldg 7 watch the controlled explosions 

I love to watch how they bring a building down and it takes months of planning and strategic placement of explosives.  I never believed in this conspiracy theory until I saw this video today. 




At the time, no steel frame high rise had ever before collapsed because of a fire, although there had been previous cases of collapses or partial collapses of smaller steel buildings due to fire.[74] However, the ability of such a building to be completely destroyed by fire would be demonstrated by the collapse of the Plasco Building in Tehran[75][76] in 2017 and the Wilton Paes de Almeida Building in São Paulo, Brazil, the following year.[77][78][79][80][81] In addition, 7 WTC also sustained significant structural damage during the collapse of 1 WTC from ejected debris.[82]

BBC News reported the collapse of 7 WTC twenty minutes before it actually fell.[83] The BBC has stated that many news sources were reporting the imminent collapse of 7 WTC on the day of the attacks.[84] Jane Standley, the reporter who announced the collapse prematurely, called it a “very small and very honest mistake” caused by her thinking on her feet after being confronted with a report she had no way of checking.[85]

In the PBS documentary America Rebuilds, which aired in September 2002, Larry Silverstein, the owner of 7 WTC and leaseholder and insurance policy holder for the remainder of the WTC complex, recalled a discussion with the fire department in which doubts about containing the fires were expressed. Silverstein recalled saying, “We’ve had such terrible loss of life, maybe the smartest thing to do is pull it”. “They made that decision to pull”, he recalled, “and we watched the building collapse.” Silverstein issued a statement that it was the firefighting team, not the building, that was to be pulled, contradicting theorists’ allegation that “pull” was used in a demolition-related sense.[73][86][87]

I learned this from DVDs being handed out in Daytona in 2003. They were having a rally or so “they” said..whoever they were that were handing out the DVDs…watching the DVD, specialist in their field of engineering were speaking of this being a controlled environment and that many heard banging in the walls for a week prior. Those who came forward lost their jobs for one reason another…if their claims were NOT true, why get rid of them..hmmm🤔

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The worst possible thing to do is to implode more buildings. There is a reason why it takes months to do. All windows have to come out, any asbestos has to come out. It’s like breathing in shards of glass, being around erupting volcano.

The tenants that were in that building are important.

Insurance fraud because each building is insured separately, and terrorism riders are bought independently. Even though it sustained damage from flying debris didn’t make it unstable enough to come down. The insurance company has to make the determination to bring it down, they would access the situation with structural engineers.

You’re right why fire them. Joe M Qanon reblog this morning. 

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