By the way…Where is QE?  Where is LG?


Is she, as the Mother Goose poem says, in the parlor eating bread and honey? QE could tell C&D to get a divorce and they did.  If she wanted to stop this shit show…she could.  I don’t believe for a moment that as the head of one of the most powerful families on the planet she couldn’t put a stop to it.  She doesn’t so when she has to give another annus horribilis speech…and she will…well, she will just need to put on her big girl panties and tiara and give it without complaint.  

And where is LG?  I thought he was going to come in and save the royals.  Not much saving going on from him.  

The only ones saving the royals are Prince William and Catherine.  If it weren’t for them the royals would be toast.

YEPPERS and she did nothing but support them, I wouldn’t believe otherwise. 

LG was on a shortlist to become the British Ambassador to the US and nothing but crickets. We know PC and PA don’t like LG. 

The Cambs is hope, but it may be too late.

Sam Cohen was seen on tour. 


Aida  submitted:Ridiculous PR Article

Aida  submitted:Ridiculous PR Article

Aida  submitted:

Ridiculous PR Article

‘The Queen is amazed by Meghan’s energy and stamina’: Vanity Fair claims the Duchess has impressed the monarch by taking on a busy royal tour late in her pregnancy

  • The Duchess of Sussex, 37, is thought to be due in April but is still working 
  • The Queen, 92, is said to be ‘amazed’ by Meghan’s ‘energy and stamina’
  • Monarch might even take the rare step of…

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Silicone Bump in the DM comments

Silicone Bump in the DM comments

DM comments now include a lot of surrogate and prosthetic bump remarks maybe that is the RF’s idea make it obvious she isn’t the pregnant one? That she is bat shyte crazy? This humiliating to them a simple Megsy had a miscarriage and is resting etc. ends this. Meghan is clearly getting crazier by the day. How in touch with reality is she? Is she a danger? Sane people would end this charade. But…

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MM doesn’t realize the BRF own her

MM doesn’t realize the BRF own her

Anonymous said:
Interesting? I don’t think she realizes that her Offspring isn’t really hers, it belongs to the royal family. Everything she has belongs to the royal family. MM got banished to Frogmore because she keeps causing problems within the royal family, so the queen gave her Frogmore cottage which is servants quarters, not the actual house.
Oh, I think she knows, she is defiant and will…

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