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Blind Item #4

Good luck winning that lawsuit. The alliterate former actress wanted press outlets to have to pay her for photos, not the agency that took them. Notice they are not being mean to the outlet that took the pictures, only the ones using it. If you leave the bubble, this is what happens. I’m also not sure how you can compare someone in the woods you invited to being pursued in a high speed night time car chase, but, you love pulling that comparison.

Harry and Meghan ‘were offered the freedom to live without Duke and Duchess titles before their wedding

Prince Harry and Meghan ‘were offered the freedom to live without Duke and Duchess titles before £23m royal wedding’

A source said: “From the early days, the Queen really wanted to agree a smooth transition for Meghan.

“The offer would have allowed her to carry on her career but she was happy to stop acting to become a working member of the royal family.

“Royal officials were frustrated that she and Harry now appear to be saying they were pressured into quitting royal life.”


The Queen and the Duke of Cambridge

Red Pill News- Friday Night live stream – A reasonable conversation with Craig Mason

I just have to say, I’m glad M3thods is back and well. It was a travesty to have him doxed and defame that way.  One thing about Q is Where we go one, we go all, let’s be kind to one another. Some are not awake yet and we need to be there for anybody that sees the light. 

We are all trying to get the word out, let’s not get greedy with followers there are plenty to go around. 

Thomas Markle about Meghan

Thomas Markle says he doesn’t know who his daughter Meghan is now and admits that he “doesn’t exist” to her and husband Harry.

In a tell-all Channel 5 documentary, the 75-year-old, who lives in Rosarito, Mexico, said: “To them I don’t exist.


“Harry is part of my family – we should be talking.


“Meghan was my most important relationship and my pride and joy.


“I miss Meghan . I miss who she was. I don’t know she is now. That’s the problem.”


The 75-year-old claims he took an active role in his daughter’s acting interest, helping create better lighting for the plays.


Speaking about his influence on his Meg during these years, he said: “I have her a sense of pride. I gave her a sense of duty and work.”


He slammed her “picky” claims that she supported him while insisting that he is “comfortable” living off a $5,600-per-month retirement fund in Mexico.

Thomas does admit that Meghan, who he says became a multi-millionaire while working on Suits earning $40,000 per episode, once gave him $5,000 as a Christmas present.


He continues: “I’ve only ever asked her for a couple of grand.


“(before she was successful) I paid for her college. I paid for her credit cards. I paid for her apartments…”


He told the broadcaster: “I want everyone to know that I’m not all the trashy things that are being said about me.


“I want Harry and Meghan to see this and know that this is not fair.”


Responding to that, Thomas accused the couple of “destroying” one of the “greatest long-living institutions ever” and “cheapening it”.


He said: “They couldn’t have done anything worse to harm the Queen – probably the most loved and respected woman in the world.”


He added: “I can’t see her reaching out to me, especially now – or Harry for that matter.


“But I think both of them are turning into lost souls at this point. I don’t know what they’re looking for. I don’t think they know what they are looking for.”