Good find grandmabarb love it


This is so true , it is brilliant



Meghan got owned. By a black woman from Birmingham. Don’t mess!

This needs to go VIRAL!!! Please make it go viral. Listen to the screams of the sugars of racism… ‘silence’ 


This woman is freakin’ awesome …

No sugarcoating here Megs … you better pull your head in

Good find @grandmabarb​  love it! 


Anonymous said: Haha so MeAgain thinks about suing the Mail

Anonymous said: Haha so MeAgain thinks about suing the Mail

Anonymous said:
Haha, so MeAgain thinks about suing the Mail.
Hey idiot, you’re the reason why this letter to your dad was released. You and your fake best friend Serena planned it that way. Stop using the victim card, shut up and do your royal duties – or leave the BRF so that you can go back to the US to your fake famous friends who still pretend that they like you although they’re only hanging…

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Anonymous said: WTH is going on with the RF

Anonymous said: WTH is going on with the RF

Anonymous said:
WTH is going on with the RF , BRF that they allowed MM to go to NYC and get this “baby shower” thingy! lol
WTH, why HM doesn’t do something about this? I really starting to think at this point she was right all along and she’s really gonna have a baby in April or whatever month it is lol
I don’t have faith anymore bout the RF… if they let MM doing whatever she wants and getting…

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Felix2001a ~ anon

but cdan sad she was strictly pay for play

Two very different ideas within 2 day span. hmm? disinformation EVERYWHERE. Just to keep ppl guessing, cause most don’t believe the marriage or the pregnancy to be honest and real.

And well, with the mass arrests going to take place in USA, the UK is next to be exposed, cause when America sneezes the world catches a cold. DISTRACTION is the name of the game for these BRF LIARS and MONEY GRUBBING USERS. Aussies shouldn’t be giving them any attention. RIDICULOUS! [OOH OOH let me praise these useless idiots who have more money than me cause they basically steal from my taxes daily.]

STOP BEING IDIOTS PPL THE BRF & CELEBRITIES ARE SH$T AND ALWAYS HAVE BEEN! SMOKE AND MIRRORS! They only tell you what they want to in order keep the illusion alive to outwit the masses and keep you under control and use your tax money to live lavishly, cause if you knew the truth you’d REVOLT! WAKE UP PEOPLE!

Hi anon, Can you elaborate on these massive arrests which are going to take place in the US?

Quite true. The BRF promote hemselves to survive. They need to be in the limelight acting like they care for the world to show that they are doing what they are paid for but at the end of the day they don’t care. As you see the National healthcare system in the UK is struggling and here is the BRF advertising the millions of dollars from taxpayers spent on the wedding this year.

Have an awesome day anon😊🙏👍❤️

Anon~ Meghan & Harry are boring

Anon~ Meghan & Harry are boring

Anonymous said:
Part 1 I’m bored of them..I was upset, and I wish for it all to go away but for what? As more stories come out I just feel like Harry is boring, I don’t know if he was tricked or just plain stupid, but he doesn’t grab attention in his own right. He is popular to some degree because of his mother and title. Diana didn’t need a title she grabbed attention. Diana had that thing that…

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Anon~ Meghan & Harry are boring

Part 1 I’m bored of them..I was upset, and I wish for it all to go away but for what? As more stories come out I just feel like Harry is boring, I don’t know if he was tricked or just plain stupid, but he doesn’t grab attention in his own right. He is popular to some degree because of his mother and title. Diana didn’t need a title she grabbed attention. Diana had that thing that pulled you in. Markle can’t imitate because she doesn’t know true pain, she’s the youngest she just once attention.
Part 2 I’m sorry I’m going on and on, but I want to make my point. Tbh after Diana death, the popularity of the BRF has been dying down. I think it’s worse with Harry because we had high hopes, that he was going to be the next Diana. We can bring her back, but we wanted someone close to her. Meghan didn’t come from a broken home. She was spoiled, given all the attention. When her nephews came, she found ways to get that attention. Diana had some attention trait in her but not for herself but
Part 3 but or others. When you come from a broken home, you just want love. Diana knew that no family is perfect, but she learned from a young age what true suffering was. Markle came from a home where yeah there was damage but to make her feel better they spoiled her. I believe the same thing happen with Harry to make him feel better they let things go. With William, he was being groomed to be king and Diana depended on him, so he grew up fast. Harry was sheltered after Diana passing.
Thank you anon, I liked to point out that Prince Charles did everything in his power to help Harry. He had female role models for him, got him Mark Dyer as a role Model, anything the boy wanted.  Prince of Wales loves his son and has put up with quite a bit of nonsense with Harry digging his heels in the ground, very stubborn young man.  Prince Charles has bailed him out of all kinds of situations, and now he has tungsten. I don’t envy him one bit. I love the monarchy and Harry but the unconditional stuff is now off the table. Time for structure, boundaries and yes criticisms. So when his bride screws up, it’s going to be his fault from now on. Harry is a grown man he brought her into this situation it doesn’t matter how she got there at this point.  I’m still on his side but he needs to do his own clean up now. Time to grow up pumpkin.

Did you see the video with Meghan signing autographs with Sarah Rafferty?


Ok, I thought maybe my hate towards her was a bit silly as I don’t know who she is, it’s not fair to judge…. But she is absolutely, positively, the worst kind of celebrity that exists.  I always got the feeling Sarah knew something was off and that’s why she called her NUTmeg, but my suspicions were confirmed from seeing that.

There’s no way that many people know who she is and conveniently had photos of her to sign without twice as many people having Sarah’s photo.  Firstly, Sarah is a way better actress —> like 100 times better.  Secondly, she dresses better —> like 100 times better. Meghan looks like she smells like coke and old makeup.  Thirdly, the producers or the people in post production on suits hate Meghan because if you notice, they always cut from her after she says her line.  The camera never holds still on her face because the people making the cut either subconsciously hate her face or the producers really, really hate her acting but they were stuck with her.  

No one knew who this broad was until she started dating Harry and I’m sad that everyone gassed her up to him because she’s the worst kind of Hollywood opportunist.  The one that never makes it because she can’t act, she’s not honest (even with herself), she approaches everything like a con and when you watch the engagement video, this bitch says commonwealth like people are beneath her but she wants to help???  I pray I never meet her in life, I will be tempted to pull her hair and snatch her fake teeth out.  I’ve never been violent in my life, but I know more than 15 minutes with her would result in me slapping her or slapping myself.  I dread the idea of listening to her justify taking advantage of people because she thinks that’s how the world works.  There’s other insecure celebrities just like her that wouldn’t go as far as she did to get where she is.  Those people fall off, but at least they don’t try to take everyone else with them.  At least when they fall off, the world thinks fondly of them.  

All her fake fans right now see stars in her eyes and that she’s so wonderful.  But what they don’t know is that’s her Hollywood image. Royals are real people, not celebrities.  It’s not fair that she’s playing them like they belong on E!  

And honestly, where she is ain’t far because even after the wedding, no one will ever take her seriously.  Especially the press.  If she were smart, she’d leave him so she could be the one that got away.  At least then, she’ll have some hope at a reality show or Real Housewives or some dumb crap like that. That’s her only hope.  The only acting she can do is good enough to get down the aisle and then after, she turns into a greedy, self-serving bitch.  She never married for love and she isn’t now.   She deserves karma in the biggest and worst way.  It’s really why I watch this shit show now.  I’m wondering where pile of steaming hot shit is going to land.  Just hope not in my popcorn.  


Well thank you…..she won’t get to the worries…people know who she is now…yes she is  she uses people, burns bridges….there is nothing authentic about her….sad but true…and yes I did see the video, I wasn’t impressed to say the least!.😊🐼❤️

Bravo! Bravo!! 

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