Submitted by Email Anon! X22 Report: The Perfect Storm, Ukraine Activated, We are Witnessing A FULL PANIC ATTACK

Orange Bad Man partied with Epstein. Baba Bill? NEVER! Just ask Madam Secretary …

Ex-Formula One racer Eddie Irvine: Bill Clinton and I partied at Epstein bash

Anon you are allowed to bring links, this isn’t tumblr.  Is he getting out in front of it? I don’t know why he is talking? Donald Trump kicked Jeffrey Epstein out of Mar a Lago for hitting on Virginia the towel girl.  He also called the cops. 

I’m telling you, you better clean your city up now!

Donald J Trump isn’t messing around, he will come to your city and clean up himself.  I will support that decision!

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What does that symbol mean? Pedophilia. Of course, Getty Images is going along with the leftist Marxists.



The democrat leadership should be indicted for these disasters! IMO they colluded with rioters. You don’t have protests that last months. NO!


We all felt bad for the criminal George Floyd but enough is enough. We all know it’s because you have picked the wrong horse for president.



Conservative journalist, 25, is stabbed in the back by Portland protester who he accused of following him – and claims he was targeted because he supports Trump

Has the world gone crazy? Every nut job turned up in Portland to cause mayhem. That’s not peaceful protesting!

I got to tell you our president is the innocent guy here.  He can’t be controlled, and we love him for it.  Trump is giving back our country to the people!  I don’t give a crap what color you are if you’re an American, we support you.

I do wear a mask. Dr. Fauci wants us to wear eye shields or what now?

What do you think?


More bullshit to control every aspect of our lives! We already know that the numbers are overinflated, not counting the negative numbers. One lab had a 100% positive rate!  That’s impossible! 


Were not working in a lab there is no need to wear eyeshields! 


When Obummer and Joe had Swine flu, they didn’t shut anything down, so why the 🤬are we doing this? It’s about the election and nothing more.


Blame it on Orange Man bad!  Like the guy pulled a virus out of his a hat, WTF! 


You want to wear a mask, go for it. It’s a personal choice that I don’t submit too. 


The virus goes away if Joe Biden wins; if not, they continue to scare the shit out of you. 


Vote these assholes commies out of office. That’s how to get rid of the invisible enemy.  Dr. Demonrat Fauci should be shitcanned. 


HCQ is a viable treatment that’s cheap and it works.


Thank you anon!

Anon submits links about Qanon’s Bishop Vigano Letter to Trump

Ok. Here goes, but first, take a deep breath as what I am going to post is considered to be cuckoo land, whereas what everyone thinks is Catholic isn’t really. You can give everyone the links and read more on this issue on the sites I will link to. It took me many years to sort through everything.

Hopefully, this will not surprise many of us here as you are aware of nefarious goings-on and deep state type activities. ( Judas, Luther, Henry VIII, etc…)

These also speak about Vigano’s article that came out shortly after this letter.

Taylor Marshall and his book are not theologically sound. It is important to have the TLM, but the whole of The Faith must also be maintained. The same goes for Sisco and Salza and their book. You can find critiques of these men and their books on the first link listed.

This should be plenty to keep you occupied for a long time.

Thank you, anon, for your hard work, I may not agree with everything, but you have the right to express yourself. I’m not catholic, more of a non-denominational Christian, but I see that the letter has a lot to do with Qanon’s message of Dark to light and evil wrongdoers.


Yes, the mainstream media is corrupt as hell. If I didn’t follow this on a day to day bases, I would be scared shitless. That’s the point to scare everyone into being sheep once again.  Do as your told and vote a certain way, and maybe you survive this nastiness, which is all Bull crap! I will not comply, and neither should you.


We need to fight the AI and the technocrats. Look at China; they love Google face recognition. Minority report is real, and it’s dangerous to our privacy. The Dems want this bad enough to trash entire country stability not only financially but to turn you into A sexual robots.


Kitty will do a deep dive into BLM and she has posted before about AI and you better read it because it’s here and they aren’t hiding it anymore.