Anon submits: No Balmoral for Harry and Meghan

Anon submits: No Balmoral for Harry and Meghan

PR article after that:

Not really,

Prince Harry is NOT snubbing the Queen by declining…

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Anon submits: No Balmoral for Harry and Meghan

PR article after that:

Not really,

Prince Harry is NOT snubbing the Queen by declining to visit her at Balmoral as sources insist he sees the monarch more than most other royals

  • Harry and Meghan have no plans to attend the annual gathering at Balmoral
  • Though Harry went as a child, royal sources said it no longer appeals to him
  • Sources said it wasn’t a ‘snub’ and they see the Queen more than most royals
  • But it will raise eyebrows and Meghan has never visited the sacrosanct residence

Meghan has never been there, LOL that’s funny stuff!  It calls out MM PR lies. Rebecca is a good reporter as we’ve heard that MM is going to the US to watch Serena play tennis flying commercial. Gawd she must be dreading flying with the ordinary common folk.  This would have been a planned trip.  I think this is calling out MM PR lies.

Rebecca says that Balmoral doesn’t appeal to him any longer, she means MM doesn’t want to go there, so therefor neither does Harry. Smeg pushes the narrative, Harry’s just a puppy following her orders.

Thank you anon, I appreciate the ask. 🌸😎😘

Prince Harry ‘flew on a private jet AND helicopter paid for by Google’ to get to tech giant’s ‘hypocritical’ Sicily climate change camp (and the prince would need to plant 190 trees just to offset one leg of the trip)

It keeps getting worse! OUCH! Where did our Harry go?

Hollywood Harry has joined the celeb club of it’s all about ME!

Guest lists are confidential, and attendees are banned from posting on social media. They attend morning sessions about online privacy, politics, human rights, and climate change. Afternoons are free for golf, spa treatments, and relaxation. 

As Kitty would put Bollocks! 🐱‍👓🐱‍👓🐱‍👓

Ms. Tulsi Gabbard  (Dem), a presidential candidate, has sued Google for not posting her paid ads. The US Senate is looking into splitting the tech giant up for monopolizing the internet. They have been accused of blocking Republican speech from the internet along with FaceBook, Twitter and youtube something Senator Nunes is looking into because it happened to him!


It appears the Brits have had enough of the Sussex’s nonsense! Privacy?? Really! Harry Markle as you pose for your close up moment!


Thank you anon for submitting this article!

Rebecca English Tweets! Kate! We love Kate


Anon submits: Daily Mail ~ Frogmore

Revealed: How Harry and Meghan splashed out £2.4m of YOUR cash on Frogmore Cottage as they turned FIVE small homes into one with all new bathrooms, bedrooms, and ‘floating’ kitchen floor

Holy Shit!

Bitch slap to the Sussex’s



OMG What a CF! Stop covering for these two!

Rebecca is right the entire commonwealth press core should be furious! Gayle King is not MM friend, but she is with creative artist agency that brought Oprah and other celebs like Clooney’s and Amal to the wedding.  This entire fiasco lives firmly with Harry and Meghan!

The leaks, the backstabbing they have done to Kate and Will, not following orders to do whatever they dam well, please.

It’s time to lash out and say Oh hell no and start asking some serious questions from now on. Matter of fact drop the bomb, it’s time.  You guys have helped create the monster!

The British press will still be on the outside tomorrow.


Macleans~ Meghan Markle has some explaining to do~ trolls/bots

I’m so grateful for this article! I have tears, the only thing I did that day was stuck up for Camilla Toimeny, she was being attacked ruthlessly.  There wasn’t any reason for it.  Here is the proof!

Then later Vin and I were doxed for taking people opinions and saying we don’t want to give Meghan Markle attention anymore.

I still await an apology from Charlotte Wace and Peter Sheridan publicly on the Daily Mail.  You forgot to mention, Enty, The Entertainment lawyer.

What kills me is I love my reporters and always pointing them out, they are in trenches getting the stories.  We rely on them or we wouldn’ t have blogs or twitter accounts.

They are going to continue their work, and I suggest they contact the Daily Mail there’re tons of them there.  JKR and I worked on building a list.  MM and anti-Brexit messages.

, Josh Feldberg, Richard Palmer, Rebecca English, Camilla Tomieny, the friends of thank you for your hard work.  Vin and JD are so grateful for your hard work.



Anonymous said:I had to roll my eyes when I saw Rebecca’s tweets

I had to roll my eyes when I saw Rebecca’s tweets. It sounds like Meghan is creating another drama for attention. She’s so annoying.
Royal reporters are just doing their jobs; I would love to be a fly on the wall in the aircraft with the reporters. You know they’re going to ask some questions.  You know the bad Drama Queens won’t be able to resist! LOL
Thank you anon 🌸😎