so they attack RE and then the pics come out – must be hard to be a sugar right now – will they apologize to RE?


No they won’t apologize….they never do!  They must be questioning what is going on!!!  

OMG, god the denial runs deep, pictures don’t prove it for you? 


DM coverage of Endeavor Awards

I would like to read William’s thoughts, see Rebecca leave the tour for a modest ceremony as Meghan asked her. I tell you JD she’s going to do something to stand out from her clothes or talk or she’ll try to get a picture with soldiers to show her compassion (to play).
I wonder how other journalists skynews telegraph … see Rebecca especially that she announce be gone on the 1st of February.

I’m starting to believe you, Richard Palmer said nobody, and now RE is going back to do the job. She is usually on Harry side, so maybe she got tipped off?

Thank you  💜💜💜💜