What happened with Zheani ~ a break down of the video and a warning


Siofra Brennan ~ Daily Mail ~ Busted! Meghan Markle for lying about being pregnant ✨✨✨✨



Siofra Brennan ~ Daily Mail ~ Busted! Meghan Markle for lying about being pregnant ✨✨✨✨


‘I wanted to tell you last time I saw you’: Meghan admits she was desperate to share her baby news with friends at the Hubb Kitchen – as they congratulate the pregnant Duchess with cuddles

  • Meghan, 37, shared sweet moment on visit to Hub Kitchen in West London
  • One of the women asked about…

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MM states to the ladies: I wanted to tell you last time I was here about pregnancy, Sept 20th

The next day she went to a booze party for the  3 days, confirmed in newspapers that are not tabloid.  The jet was hit by lightning.  it hit the papers on 24th -27th

This was not a lie! You are not allowed to take pictures of stars, you will get kicked out. Harry and Meg were the VIPs that weekend. Witnesses commented that they danced until 4am, MM drank wine.

Let’s not forget she went to Toronto in August drank champagne reported by royal central, not a tabloid! I had her on the radar, StatCounter at that time, the IP hadn’t appeared since she moved to England.  MM confirmed she was there.

I reported on the hair, and MM followed up on Cosmo that she wrote herself. She doesn’t use lye its Brazilian blowout contains Formaldehyde.

I wrote about the foot surgery, and she couldn’t have been pregnant as they do mandatory pregnancy testing. I’m an expert at surgery, I had 21 of them.

I know some of you are coming to my site and rewriting my stuff a lot of you are tagged, I never claimed to be a writer, how about some kindness and saying I rewrote for JD.

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This mean girl mentality has to stop, this isn’t the same community as it was when I started here.

This post was made on November 23rd

UPDATE….. This just in… @keepingupwiththebananadrama on tumblr reports this tweet