Rep. Matt Gaetz breaks down his Green Real Deal resolution


Tweets from Florida’s favorite Congressman Matt Gaetz

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Nunes calls it the Manafort dossier

Nunes calls it the Manafort dossier

Everything was fake. The whole investigation started off as fake news. The Steele dossier was fake. Now they are saying that FBI knew that the Manafort ledger was fake, but they used it anyway?

Meadows is saying that Horowitz got an opportunity to get new information from FBI. That’s why his report will be delayed. FBI tried hard to hide pretty damaging things, but they were ordered to give some…

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Can you believe it, JD?

Can you believe it, JD?

The Mueller team knew from the beginning that the Steele dossier was fake, and there was never any collusion, but they needed to keep the investigation going.

They turned their attention to Manafort. Manafort did have ties with the Ukrainian gov. but that so-called “black ledger” which was the main source for Manaford’s investigation turned out to be a fraud. That was the reason why Mueller’s…

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