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Queen allows MM and PH to make money with their titles

Imagine merchandising using the name, Royal Sussex. So now the Monarchy will be cheapened by their merchandising scheme which will make them millions while having their cake and eating it too on the backs of the British taxpayers. Brilliant the lot of them

The Queen is using Harry and Meghan, not the Duke and Duchess. Well, I guess we have to wait for the final papers to come out. I’m not surprised at this, as much as we like to say Fuck off.

What counts is we don’t have to look at her pathetic face anymore. Since the Anti-Meghaners won’t be buying their shit or using their travel site I guess we can call that a win for everyone.

Good luck Harkle’s and don’t forget to go Fuck yourselves.  Bye Harry Markle, you one ball man. I hope they boo you.

Home Secretary Priti Patel dismissed claims that Meghan has suffered racist coverage in the media

Home Secretary Priti Patel, who’ll be responsible for deciding whether the Sussexes continue to receive taxpayer-funded police protection, today dismissed claims that Meghan has suffered racist coverage in the media.

Asked on BBC Radio 5 if the media had been in any way racist, she said: “I don’t think so, no … I certainly haven’t seen that through any debates or commentary or things of that nature.”

Anon Said: Royal Reporter Richard Palmer

In general, I always say that journalists – whatever field they work in – do get things wrong (often when putting claims to people who lie or refuse to comment) but usually get the direction of travel, the gist of things, right.

It’s important to remember that royal correspondents were vilified on social media and by Meghan’s friends when they started writing stories about rows behind the scenes between the family and with staff. Harry and his friend Tom Bradby have now acknowledged that was true.

My biggest mistake was to play it down, suggesting these were normal tensions when a new person joins a family and becomes a boss in a family firm.

Richard Palmer tweet- No desire to cut people adrift

Anon submits: Richard Palmer Tweet

Harry and Meghan believe they will continue to live at Frogmore Cottage, upgraded with £2.4m of taxpayers’ money, and receive taxpayer-funded police protection. But senior members of the Queen’s household are astonished they have stated this because nothing has been agreed.

They have big brass balls, don’t they?