Trey Gowdy terminated from Fox News, say it ain’t so!

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Not to worry, he got a better gig working on Team Trump outside council.  This is a win folks! Trey is an extraordinary litigator.  We pray for the Trump Team to find justice for our duly elected president.  🙏🏼🙏🏼


JJS tweets- Nadler can’t give up the hoax!

The bias against the president is remarkable! It was the Salem witch trial that fell flat! Volume two was all MSM footnotes! We all know that team Hillary has been paying kickbacks to talk a specific narrative. HRC is not above the law!  Fusion GPS, Hillary Clinton’s cronies were on the Mueller team. They were never vetted for bias. This is something all law firms do. They should have recused themselves. Mueller is feeble-minded.