Kitty Links! 🐱‍👓 Obamadramas and The Clowney’s

What to say about this little” Lovefest ” This article did make me smile JD and JKR 😁The Clowney’s and the Obamadrama’s, always good for a laugh!

This :

BFF ‘s and apparently quite the bromance going on here 😁

It started here :


He’s my best friend. Leave him alone .!


Wow, where have I heard that before?



I’m not an elected representative of the people of America (or anywhere) but who cares, see my sincere concerned face?
Note the CFR involved here. There is a clue. The CFR is another think tank.

Let me add to your post

Some good characters there, Rockefeller says not to privatize the VA, Trump did this because you are turned away at hospitals because the VA refused to pay them, Some waited 6 months for an appointment and by that time it was too late.  Take a look at what we up against. These people influence your life.

Doing boy stuff together. Racy texts! WOW !!

Sharing tips on hair care 😁


What’s 15 million dollars between friends?

UGH, The Daily Beast the ass kisser to the far left!  What a whirlwind bromance these two are having. Obama was against Gay marriage during campaigning.

The Obama’s have signed a deal with Netflix.
They will be able to continue with the causes dear to their heart on a wider public platform.
In other words more virtue signalling , and getting paid for it.
Maybe BFF George is advising Barack on all things Hollywood now, which is just what friends do.

JD: I do wonder what they will think and do when everyone finds out that the spying on trump happened under his watch?

A 300 feet exclusion zone around the Clooney property.
Lots of security, lots of Obamadrama. How to stay in the public eye!


I agree with you, they could have kept hush-hush but chose not to, I must assume the same as you staying in the public eye.

Kitty, my pleasure as always, anyone can make a post with links and I will make them look like this. Don’t be afraid to give your opinions for or against this how democracy works. We need to fight for this every day and cherish this freedom!

PS: weird blind I posted about a liquor company started by maybe let’s say GC, and they are poisoning the bottles and so far I think the death count is over 10.