It’s LA!

MA is in LA wearing a winter coat and boots while in NYC today in the 30s, very cold and some dimwit has short sleeve light swing coat, no gloves as seen with often including July?
No hat today, new dye, straightening job and wig to flaunt? More ridiculous. Even worse HM must have permitted for a royal to leave Britain. So is the Queen is supportive? Hope forced to pay duty on any gifts!
Jd, did you say you are moving to a new bigger place? C pics, odd shifting shaped belly. L.A.
Hey LA!  Thanks for the observations, that’s what we need to do, look for the details in this farce.
Someone got some explaining to do when and if she goes back to England.  The press has to deal with an upcoming social media war. Out Meghan before it’s too late.  Fair warning.

JD’s new digs

Yes, we brought a  bigger place, we have a lot to finish, the previous owners couldn’t complete the renovations, so we got a good deal.  We will have a friends pizza and beer party to help us finish this project. Painting, sanding, laying lament, tile. Open concept, breakfast bar, stainless steel appliances a huge lanai that will be my room to chat with all my friends like you.
Hubby gets part of the carport to drink beer with his buddies.  Oh, we have two lemon trees! Wow, whiskey sour party!  Bloody Mary Sunday’s to come. I am planning my brunch party and BBQ’s smoke some meat! I can’t do that here, they rolled in a monster 3 bedroom next door, it’s beautiful for 103k and $650 a month lot rent, lol.  They left us with 5 feet of the ground and came one day and pulled out all my plants and tree, but gave my palm tree to the new house. 🙀😹WTF!
We have to sell or rent this place out. Some people think the lot rent to high, but it’s an enjoyable place and in Florida during tourist season, places rent for 2,000 a week.  I live 17 miles from the beach.
Thank you, LA, stop by for a drink when we finish 🍸🍷 I have a Jimmy Buffet Margaritaville blender.
Pictures to follow when we get it done.

Anonymous said: It’s been pretty much denied by BP and KP that they have anything to do with MM’s PR drive

It’s been pretty much denied by BP and KP that they have anything to do with MM’s PR drive. This was all done behind Christian Jone’s back, as well as the royal family. She went to an American tabloid People to pull this stunt. And, this is what it is, it’s all a publicity stunt by her to make her look good, but the thing is, people weren’t born yesterday, and they can figure this out without being told by the palaces. They did not sanction the doxing, and they were not told People article in advance.

Thank you anon, I stayed up to get every last article on the Mail last night and drew that conclusion with a couple of anons inputs. Clear warning shots were sent to Meghan Markle and Harry.  Don’t Tread on Me! 🐍 I’ll make this stick anon. 🌸😎JD