JD’s friend ~ Roseberry Cupcakes with editorial

Just “be yourself”?

If they don’t want to be liked “just because they’re royals,” they shouldn’t EXPECT to be protected “just because they’re royals.”

If they want to be liked for “who they are,” they SHOULD expect to be criticized for WHO they are, WHAT they do, and HOW they do it.

No one likes grifters who want to be praised while having others do their dirty work for them. If they want to say one thing, while doing something else, there’s a name for them: HYPOCRITES. -Roseberrycupcakes

//It’s been a while, friends. I read the blogs regularly. But I refrained from sending in submissions, because I simply couldn’t think of anything to write. I wanted to give the BRF the benefit of the doubt, but it seems like they’re already running out of public sympathy. I’ve been saying this for a while now: the time is running out for them. For the royalists who claim that the BRF “will win” based on the fact that “they’ve lasted for centuries”: greater empires and better kingdoms have fallen. If the BRF refuses to change ways, they won’t be an exception. Don’t be fooled by the grandeur of their past. It will be you who will be left brokenhearted.//