Anon said: Another lawsuit- WHOAH

Anon said: Another lawsuit- WHOAH

Prince Harry launches High Court legal action against owners of the Sun and the Mirror over allegations his voicemail messages were illegally intercepted

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Harry , Unconscious Bias, and Learned Behaviours .

Yet another one I couldn’t resist JD. These two are a gift and becoming masters at

Bullshit Baffles Brains!

This is a training video on Unconcious Bias from the Royal Society

Learned Behaviour

Social Learning Theory (Bandura)

This very controversial short film of a young Elizabeth and her mother , sister , and Uncle .

The family including the future Edward VIII seem to be making a Nazi salute .
Edward was later to meet Adolph Hitler and was accused of being a Nazi sympathizer

Prince Phillip and his “gaffes”.

Prince Charles .
Are these examples of Unconscious Bias or Learned Behaviours . Or both ?
I wouldn’t know .
Maybe we should ask Harry .
Yet again the arrogant and foolish Harry has stepped into a minefield, he obviously feels it his mission to educate the masses ( the little people ) with his vast knowledge and expertise on well , everything and save them from themselves .

A contempory View on The Emperor’s New Clothes .

A Cautionary Tale Harry .
Unlike the Emperor in the story we do see you , you are naked and should be ashamed .

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Another great time investigating links with the kitty!  I love your thought process, the title was the best.


You are a product of your environment, you are what you are taught. If we use the evidence you provided we can easily say he learned it from his family.


In the beginning, Harry’s friends would pop by to tumblr and tell me how awful Meghan was, pretentious, overbearing, attention seeker. Look at my plastic beaded bracelet Harry got me. MM is one of those people that always talk about how great they are, how educated she is while making the aristo want to vomit. One thing that stuck in my mind is she often called him a racist.

Makes perfect sense now with the drivel coming out both their mouths. It takes two to tango and there is plenty of blame to go around.  Choices were made and now they have to deal with it, however blind they both are.

Thank you, Kitty! 🌸😎💋🐱‍👓🍾


Thoughts on Epstein ~ Kitty Links 🐱‍👓🐱‍👓🐱‍👓 scroll slow lots of info

This was published in 2016 JD.

I’m wondering why now? As always everything is about timing and very little is a coincidence . Very often a “player” will be sacrificed, or more often scapegoated for the” greater good ” or as
a diversionary tactic.


It looks like this may be Epstein’s turn. As ever, it’s wise to look at the bigger picture. The question is who is behind Epstein? It seems Epstein was a procurer much like Jimmy Savile. Paedophilia is, or can be used as an instrument of control by other” agencies”. (I’ll leave you to decide who they are) .


People in power, millionaires, billionaires, members of the so-called global elite are often jaded by a lifestyle that means instant gratification. Paedophilia is the last taboo in a whole raft of broken taboos.


The need for the” thrill” of a perversion on this scale opens them up to blackmail and coercion. If this kind of abuse is a currency, who are the real “bankers”?


Holy moly! The State Department and the CIA

It’s claimed that sex slaves from the Balkans, Kosovo, Yugoslavian, one named Nadia Marcinkova were trafficked to the US using these aircraft. It came as a shock to people at a dinner party when they saw Epstein surrounded by these young girls.

Yet nobody made a big deal, timing is everything. Times UP!  That’s funny that popped in the brain.  I suspect them of being disingenuous. I’m very critical of #metoo and Times Up. Weren’t they responsible for Micheal Jackson HBO slamming a dead person that can’t defend himself, even though the kid had testified Michael did nothing wrong?  Good Ole Oprah did an interview? The same person that goes on alleged Geffen rape cruises?? speculation of course. 


Could this be the draining of the swamp monsters?  When you get called out in public it makes the billionaires sit up and take notice. Someone got to go, there is always a safety plan, the cleanup people, Is Jeffrey the sacrificial lamb?  or does Bill, Prince Andrew and the lot run out of time?




Is this the former prime minister they hinted at? Ehud Barak


As ever this is all about connections and they go all the way to the top both in the US and UK .
In GB we had this :

The hugely expensive British investigation was canceled three times.
This was an investigation into the historical, systemic sexual abuse of young children.
It implicated some of the most prominent people in the UK. Many of the small players were outed or scapegoated. It helps placate the public, is good PR, stops the moral panic whipped up by the press but does it really expose the big players?
The inquiry has started again but, there are always others to replace the ones” lost” to prosecution.

Gross Negligence, she should return her salary!  or was she part of the problem?


The above is an interesting and interactive timeline series of articles on the Epstein case so far.


Epstein and his charities.

Epstein apparently needed some favorable news to change the narrative and embarked on a public relations crusade that depicted him as a renowned “science philanthropist,” rather than a convicted sex offender.

“He’s reckless, and he’s gotten more so,” one former business associate told Vanity Fair.

Still, others have quietly welcomed Epstein’s cash. His former charity, the C.O.U.Q. Foundation, donated $25,000 to Bill and Hillary Clinton’s charity, according to C.O.U.Q.’s 2006 tax return. The group is listed among past and present donors on the Clinton Foundation’s website.

Congressional candidates return Epstein’s money 

This article is very damaging, and it smells like money laundering and tax evasion.  I have to tell you the quote he is reckless is telling. Either he spills quickly, or worse things may happen to him. 


As expected Epstein has pleaded not guilty.

Trump banned Epstein from his Mar-a-Lago estate “because Epstein sexually assaulted an underage girl at the club,” according to court documents filed by Bradley Edwards, the lawyer who has represented several Epstein accusers. That claim has not been confirmed by Trump or Mar-a-Lago, however, Trump has previously cited the allegations against Epstein in interviews.

Interesting thoughts on Epstein. Look on Alt news outlets. Many of these sites have been outing these people for years with remarkable accuracy.


I agree this is a very snarky article and well worth the read, written by Matthew Walther

The Jersey Devil is real, lol 

Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of Robert Maxwell. Socialite and connected to everyone including Clinton’s and the Royal Family.


The Clinton’s lied! There is a picture of Ghislaine at Chelsea’s wedding! 


Interesting tie to Sarah Ferguson.

We already knew that Sarah procured a loan for $18,000 from Epstein to pay back an assistant she owed over 100k to and some expenses.


It doesn’t sound right to me, very fishy.  Sarah was seen with Ron Burkle another jackass peddler. It’s so widespread.

Breaking news at 6:50 am BST

As always it’s about those connections JD. Expect the unexpected.

Kitty ❤

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Thank you, Kitty! 🌸😎💋🐱‍👓

The royals travel with their own bags of blood

The royals travel with their own bags of blood

turtletimethesis submitted:

Chapter Two: Bags o’ Blood

Scoop Princess Diary #2. The Royals travel with their own bags o’ blood. I mean, really, don’t you hate it when you’re traveling, get run through by a swordfish and the ER just ran out of your blood type?


“A personal blood bag doesn’t usually make your packing checklist for trips, but for the royals anything is possible.…

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Anon makes a great point

Anon makes a great point

Anonymous said:
Whatever, I’ll be back when the divorce is announced. For me it is less to do with the BRF (though I used to be fascinated with them) and more to do with this being yet another proof that to get ahead in this world/society you have to be a really shitty person (isn’t it said that the most successful people are sociopathic?) which is depressing. Being awful is constantly rewarded…

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Merching and the Luncheon

Merching and the Luncheon

So Megsy merched the coat and the dress. And she alone of all the attendees got a pic out of the car so she could do her merch. And Harry of course dutifully held her hand as he is required by his boss at all times. Cause Harry knew she would be photographed as arranged. So she could merch the coat and dress.

Oh, and she also wore and merched (on Meghan Mirror) her $150,000 Cartier diamond…

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Victim mentality won’t play with the Royal Family

Victim mentality won’t play with the Royal Family

I’ve been wondering for some time now why Harry hasn’t put out a statement like he did at the beginning of his relationship with MM, asking the press to respect her privacy. Now this “story” about MM not being able to defend herself. In it the “insider source” (eh-hem) says Harry is frustrated too…

I think MM has demanded that Harry put out another statement to “protect her” and it’s been refused…

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