DM ~ Charlotte Wace & Peter Sheridan~ Palace hits back!

Wham! These reporters are not eating the BS stew, and they come out swinging. Good on them! Tell me again how these two want privacy?


Tumblr Anon Said: So fed up with MM constant leaks

Tumblr Anon Said: So fed up with MM constant leaks

Anonymous said:
I’m so fed up with MM constant leaks especially to rip kate. Ever get impression MM, and PH are so jealous of Will’s position that they are deliberately using PR as underhanded means to destroy monarch thereby ruin Cambridge’s being higher rank heirs?
All needs done is trace and publish leaks origins Lainey, this new clown, etc. bet all roads lead back to MM. she is getting worse.…

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MM not going down without a fight

MM not going down without a fight

Anonymous said:
Skippy’s helpers seem to be back and giving the end is coming be patient etc messages. We have confusing stuff in the pr dept attacks on Kate and Will in US media ad MM is diana and harry kept her away from her family in her UK media. But then we have harry telling a vulnerable little boy who lost his mother “don’t worry everything will be fine I have a beautiful wife and a baby…

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