Trump praises the Queen with a toast


President Trump has praised The Queen in his speech which was in front of 170 guests at Buckingham Palace hours ago. You can view the whole speech at our Royal Channel

So far the Visit is going to plan and there is no mention of Harry taking any limelight like he usually does.





Donald Trump talks about his visit to the UK and Meeting The British Royal Family Members..

Donald Trump was asked in an interview about his visit to the UK meeting the BRF members. He speaks about this will be his second time meeting Her Majesty and Prince Charles and that the first time he met the Queen they had a great conversation on many topics. This will be his second time meeting Prince Charles which he will certainly talk about Climate Change and Donald states that the US is doing well in the last to years tackling climate change and many more countries need to do the same.

He was also asked the Question about the negative comments the Duchess of Sussex said about him before the election and she will not attend due to her being on maternity leave. Trump claims that he didn’t know about the negative comments made against him and hopes that MM is doing OK. Plus he states that MM will do a great job representing the BRF.

Now I think he was playing nice as he has respect for the BRF and will not say anything offensive about any member which will make it an awkward visit.