Does Meghan have a 19 yr old daughter?

Did Meghan have a baby in Oct 1998? Bio father Luis S., her date for 1997 Christmas Formal? Named Noel, now called Noelle, and raised by Samantha?



Is that one coming back around again?  Many of us are suspicious, but Noelle only met Meghan once at Samantha graduation from university.



Unless Sam comes out to say she adopted her, then it will continue to be a rumor. There wasn’t any proof like Meghan’s annulment marriage when she was in university.  The National Enquire reported on that, and it went, POOF! Scrubbed, we would find stuff, and someone went behind our research and whitewashed the evidence.


The Royals went to great lengths to clean her up?? It was an awful lot of money spent to start the war to get the nobody recognized. LARP’s work for money. Follow the money trail and the wokeness. It will lead back to the Soros/Clinton narrative she’s been scamming on the British People.

Notice all the celebs coming to MM/PH defense using racist, check CAA creative artist agency to be complicit in this world scam.



It’s was a setup from the start.



MM is playing to your emotions to continue to talk about her. She is building her brand, and without us talking about her, she becomes irrelevant, and the woke message dies.



Enty claimed Meghan thinks she is part of the elite and is too good to fly commercial. What Meghan’s wants, Meghan gets!



Anything is possible with Meghan Markle, and the grifter has many tricks up her sleeve.


Thank you anon, God bless America! 🌸😎😘


Anon said: What I think about Harry and Meghan

I have taken my rose colored glasses off as concerns Harry. I think what went down is Harry and Meghan went and got a surrogate implanted. Then sprung it on the family. That is the nervous looking Harry at Eugenie’s wedding. He knew it was wrong but did it anyway.

That is why Will wants nothing to do with him. That is why the foundation is being split they know Harry and Meghan cannot be trusted, and so they protect W and K from the shenanigans these two will get into.

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So H and M botched the surrogacy cover up cause they are both idiots (alcohol and drugs never made anyone intelligent). So now suspicion abounds. The family is not actively covering up generally, but they go along cause Harry and threats. Meghan and threats. They are sitting on a powder keg with these two but have another gin and tonic.

H and M get sent away to the unfortunate CW where they will continue to screw up. But hey Andy screwed up for years too. Eventually, Megsy will bail Harry will end up bitter resentful and drunk blaming everyone but himself for screwing up his life. The RF always knew Harry was a mess and always knew he’d screw up. Probably hoped for better though. Hope isn’t enough.

I read an astrologers prediction some yrs ago about Harry that he would have several wives. Yep. Sounds true. He probably just wants what Will has but lacks the intelligence and character to do it right, so he marries some aging balding psycho who crawled out of the LA celeb sewer. And then has to fake a pregnancy with said dimwitted z lister to get the kid. It is pathetic. But hey have another gin and tonic and screw your family while you are at it.

We were wrong,  JD he never was a nice guy he always was what NYC said he was.

I know sweetie, but as you may know, we all shared our private thoughts on DM.  NYC was right, and I will never discount why she was here, to begin with. Yes, I believe it was a crisis mode that Prince Charles was trying to rescue him from back in November 2016.

NYC was there to do what PR’s do cover the ass of the client, the truth was Harry was having an affair with a woman who was in a civil living arrangement with celebrity Chef Corey, and she came with less than stellar reputation.

As you also know, we dug up the pieces of dirt we could find, and they went behind us moving and covering it up. The only thing was NYC was keeping us away from the blind items.  I was a newbie, a greenhorn, so I was an easy mark to play with.  In a way, I’m glad we didn’t go there because after NYC left, we got to see all the nasty stuff about the yachting, mostly on land as Enty said she wasn’t that successful at it.  MM had her land yachting with Englishman that wanted to pay, and it was a regular gig to come to London.

We all learned what a sewer Soho House can be with starlets, and that included Harry, it was the perfect storm. Harry was an easy mark because as he got drunk, he started spilling his guts to Markus Anderson.

We knew he wasn’t the guy we admired from afar, but still, we thought the charities he was involved with made him savable. I still support him.  Invictus Games better be about the injured vets this year! Walking with the wounded is my favorite charity. I was looking forward to him doing the walk in the US, does anyone know what happened there? Let do a quick check.



Oh, I was led to believe he was going with them.

Remember, Wink said with the right PR strategy Harry will be okay, I believe this is happening now, he is toeing the line.  They’re about to embark to Africa this summer. That should be interesting since she was leaking about LA, anon said no way! I kind of believe that message.

We did hear rumors that he was smashed in Italy after playing polo. I doubt any of that will change soon. St. Meghan loves parting just as much as Harry! We all thought that was the attraction, to begin with.

I will say this if Harry gets caught cheating that will be the Achilles heel for Meghan, she demands loyalty, but who doesn’t? The more the bloggers push the Anti MM narrative and continue to believe the LARP, Harry will hold on tighter. That is why I chilled. It’s not worth it. I’d instead give up popularity than to continue on with the insanity.

We all do have to remember Prince Harry is not going to listen to any of us.

Harry needs to cut the dead weight of celeb hangers-on, Markus, Izzy, and Jess Mulroney, dump Daniel Martin he leaks. We all know Harry used to get rid of people just for mentioning his name.

He once said he would love to have a child if he was lucky enough.  Now he has one, and I bet he is going to protect that little soul like you couldn’t comprehend. From the pictures, we saw he is amazed by Archie no matter how he got the little tike.


I do appreciate your ask, and I hope you return soon, Thank you, 🌸😎💖💖


Tumblr anon said: Rose Hanbury is in the DM again!

There’s an article on today’s Mail Online about Rose Hanbury again. However, this article seems to hint that all is not what it seems with there marriage. I’d hazard a guess it’s a bearding relationship and the Marquess is gay?
A few snippets: The ‘Marquess is relying on his close friend Banier, 71, for support. The pair have been close for more than 30 years..’ They’re a ‘professional couple and best male friends too..’ The Marquess stays at his ‘townhouse in Paris or on his estate…’

Francois is a dirtbag!

This is listed at the bottom of the wiki page about this grifter!

In 2013, a curious relationship between Liliane Bettencourt—nonagenarian heiress to the L’Oreal fortune and, according to Forbes, the richest woman in the world—and François-Marie Banier, a much younger, gay artist, brought about the biggest scandal in recent French history. Bettencourt showered hundreds of millions of dollars, along with real estate and other gifts, upon her vivacious friend. Ultimately, her adult daughter, Françoise, incited an investigation that led to allegations of political corruption that ended then French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s career.

My heart goes out to Rose Hanbury, the friends will stay out of the way until the smoke clears. As you can see above the Palace would advise Kate and William to stay clear and not offer any comment.  Marquess duty is to the Monarch, let’s pray he comes to his senses.

I knew it wasn’t about Will and Kate, their relationship is solid. Unfortunately, there won’t be any shoulder to cry on.

Thank you anon, 🌸😎

I’ve been told the Mayfair club is where you want to be, not Soho cesspool



Anonymous said: There have always been rumors that Meghan had a kid that she gave up for adoption

There have always been rumors that Meghan had a kid that she gave up for adoption. The BRF has a lot of media power, if they don’t want something to get reported it doesn’t happen (Andrew’s “hobbies,” Doria’s crimes, Meghan’s first marriage,…)
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Yes, there has always been that, but we don’t have any proof of that she was pregnant.  The BRF is more powerful then people think, its the people behind the monarchy you have to watch out for, the men in gray.  Yeah, Andrew hobbies.
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The daily mail video ~ Does MM have another child?

JD there is a video on the daily mail where celebs congratulate MM and one of the women says that MM has a child with someone else, meaning Archie is her second son. Do you know anything about it?


Yes, Lila4 shared it with me and I say take it with a grain a salt, watch for yourself and I would love the link to the article before it disappears. I have to say a bunch of tweeters have been saying that she has a child from a previous whatever.
Aha, we got it forever!  I’m getting better at this stuff.
Thanks for waiting! 🌸😎

Aida submitted:Harry and Meghan’s ‘askew, off-kilter, weird’ trip to Morocco

Harry and Meghan’s ‘askew, off-kilter, weird’ trip to Morocco

Royal watchers are puzzled by the trip, but at least it’s not the disaster that was Elizabeth’s 1980 visit


I’ve heard a rumour Meghan was planning on going straight from the baby shower to make a surprise appearance at the Oscars. This trip was arranged so she would have to come back to the UK then Morocco. She doesn’t care about being in the royal family or representing Britain, it’s all about fame.

Embed from Getty Images


Hey Aida! Yes, I believe you right! Meghan only cares about Meghan, this humanitarian crap is flying out the window.  It’s Fame! All the way baby!

No baby yet, so the YouTuber and others are wrong the bambino is not coming from Morocco.

This video is funny, the lady congratulates them and then the comment is it mine, LOL.

I believe most of it was practiced poses making disingenuous, more 💩💩.

Thank you, Aida, 🌸😎

Thoughts and Questions

A few things: (1) Wonderful idea to now refer to MM’s family as Harry’s in-laws. Because they are his in-laws. And also, as Anon said, it brings home the fact that PH married MM and the Queen approved it.
The Markles are family to the BRF, and Queen approved; (2) Wonderful idea to stop commenting on DM. Stop giving them money. I know it is fun to post and even more, fun to read the comments. But knowing most comments are fake and legit ones are being removed, destroys it for me. Tired of wasting my time reading PR and Bot comments and filling my head with the lies DM prints; (3) If a baby is really arriving, is it biologically MM’s and PH’s kid? If so, I am shocked MM was able to become preggers so quickly, especially from what I have read of her lifestyle. Also, for years there have been rumors that PH lacked enough sperm to procreate. Why the rumors if not true and what would have started those rumors and why?

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I like your Ask! They are in-laws no question, and KP did try to reason with MM about sending them an invitation.  MM flatly said NO!  MM is the orphan she always wanted to be! Maybe we should explain it that way, what a wake-up call.

My whole point was telling people don’t comment on the DM, I will post the article, and they discuss until the cows come home in the forum. Maybe the DM didn’t like that approach, but the offer still stands for everyone.

I have made that point that he decided to go through with it and the Queen approved with some stipulation that this beautiful couple must get around to have their child titled. One and the most important part, the child must come from the mother, meaning a live birth.  As we all know it must be witnessed and DNA is taken.

You bring up a great point because I too have read on the DM and nycrealroyal that the swimmers are lacking and if not impossible to achieve the potency required.  Same with Markle, ENTY, The Entertainment lawyer tells us she told her X she can’t have any and that it was verified with doctors.  Certainly cuts your odds down to zero, I feel for infertile couples, me being one.

If you really love someone, who cares about a title, right?  MM does! All part of the Royal afterlife.  In two years I keep hearing, she’ll be gone. We knew that because that is forever for Markle.

I know how this first started, nycrealroyal said around Eugenia wedding you would hear MM is pregnant that was April. The end of August a tipster said to me in PM how do I feel about a fake pregnancy and miscarriage.  Honestly, it would be the greatest sympathy card ever but don’t do that it can backfire!  and I’m the troll, lol

This blog does not hate its reality.

Thank you anon 🌸😎

JKR says Harry and Meghan are Divas!

Harry and Meghan are divas!

“On rumours of a rift between Meghan and Kate, the former Royal Editor at The Sun told Yahoo: ‘I think it’s very interesting that the Palace have come out and denied certain stories but, others they haven’t actually denied at all.’”

Why deny something that is true? 😉


JKR, how are you this fine day?  I was worried about Duncan when he said he was going to write a book but, he has been the best so far.  This article is basically the truth we know.  There a couple of tidbits off but all in all really good.

Harry is following MM lead becoming a diva or enabler.  We know from a post in Aus that the scrawny MM was screaming during a diplomatic visit at Admiralty House on behalf of HM the Queen.  Harry went around apologizing.  Is Harry going along to get along?  Time will tell.

Thank you JKR🌸😎JD


Adam Korsh says NO Truth to the British Tabloids!

By Lisa Respers France, CNN

(CNN)“Suits” will be ending with its ninth season, and fans want to know if its most famous star will be returning for it.

Aaron Korsh, creator of the popular USA network series, talked to Deadline about speculation over whether Meghan Markle, now the Duchess of Sussex, will make an appearance.
“As of this minute I don’t know which of our old original cast will be back and which won’t because we’re so early in the season,” he said. “I can tell you that those things in the papers, I have no idea what they’re talking about.”
The series first started airing in 2011, and the final season will feature 10 episodes.
The future royal starred as lawyer Rachel Zane on the show and left before she married Prince Harry.
Her character married longtime love interest Mike (Patrick J. Adams) in the seventh season finale, and the pair headed off into the sunset for a new life in Seattle.

Korsh said there was no truth to British tabloid reports he’s made a massive donation to lure the duchess back.

“I have not arranged for millions of dollars to be donated to anything on behalf of anyone so that I can tell you, but as far as the original people coming back including Jessica (Pearson played by Gina Torres, who will be in the spinoff, “Pearson”) we’re so early in the season that we haven’t formulated what we want to do, so we can’t reach out to people before we know what we want to do,” he said.
“Suits” is now airing its eighth season.