Sam Grant says she can’t have children


Sam Grant apologizes 🤑

Sam apologized.

She is all my little sister now.  Takes back what she said blames it on the media and how hurt they felt.  Sooo – I’d say Meghan has decided the family shit show should stop.  She will need them when the exit comes.  So all is well in Markle land.

What a JACKHOLE! We have people with messages with her saying the opposite.  We knew it was part of the script.  Somebody in the press pull this plug, please, I beg you for mercy! 

Thank you, Love! Such tremendous help to the team. 🌸🌸😎 Love has been here for what 19 months. 💖💖

Sam Yvonne Markle/Grant

Oh yeah, she is there!  LOL and the scripted show goes on – Megsy left Suits to star in her own drama.

He is a weirdo,  wannabe, this’s sam’s PR guru, 😆😆😆😆😆

Dorito didn’t miss her daughter enough to live with her for 6 years when MM was a kid but now, when she’s few years into her 40s and lived for years in another country, they can’t bear the distance? Sure, Jan. IMO MM didn’t think that dad story will cause backlash (all the previous stories made her look like a victim, that’s why she kept using him) and they had to recycle a Dorito article to take the attention off the dad thing.

Thank you anon, the thing is the audience is captivated with Dad, it ’s only a couple of people that want to hash up mom.  Mom should be used last IMO, the press will chew her up, she won’t be able to be used anymore. Use mom wisely, LOL 

I love how Dad’s is a narc now, we know Sam is too, they like to listen to the sound of their own voices. Tom is on a roll🔥, all this attention and his bank account going cha-ching🤑, he is never going to shut up.

You have to give Wendy Williams credit, she did say the family is going to ruin it for her, and they are. 🤣🤣 

A Mother’s love never denies the child vice versa, Sam Grant

What’s up with Sam (or “Yvonne”) and her daughter? I saw a tweet from her, saying she has nothing and wants nothing to do with her daughter because “she worships the devil.” I don’t like Sam at all because she comes across judgmental and harsh. There’s nothing I could do short of murder (and that’s questionable) that would make my mom stop loving or caring for me.


Yes, thank you! I think Sam is mentally ill. I saw a video interview on Twitter with her, it’s not right, she is not right, nobody should be doing interviews with her or her husband. They are medicated, and Sam IMO is not capable of making decisions for herself.  I was so embarrassed for her when I watched it, it was a sin.