Sam Grant slams Doria Ragland, calls the Royals the Adams Family


Meghan Markle needs to be exposed for the heartless selfish cruel person that she is

For weeks Meghan Markle kept the “adopt don’t shop” bs going on her IGs Then all of a sudden no dogs, no “adopt don’t shop” not even a mention. But the tabloids over look it. Them she screams feminism. When her brother battered a woman and held a gun to her head. Meghan should have rushed to the “fellow sister’s” side, put her under her arm and protected her. But she didn’t! She acted like she didn’t even hear about it. Then there is her sister another WOMAN, does the feminist care that this poor handicapped woman is suffering. No! She is in desperate need of a wheelchair but is afraid to ask for help because Meghan is threatening her to not ruin her “image”. What image Meghan? The bj giving, social climbing,talentless, man groping whore “Image”.

Thank you anon, they are making Sam out to be the bad villain here and it’s not true. There is only so much you can take before you fight back