Another lie from Meghan?

I have to ask Sam a little later but I do know that story is bullshit. Sam states that her book is coming out soon, I’m trying to get some excerpts from the book.

Thank you anon!



I think the worldwide consensus is …is that Megan Markle is a worldwide liar. That being said I believe that I side with the view that MM set up her own Father with Jeff Rayner of Coleman Rayner (pap shots of Dad Markle in Rosarita) to purposefully catch him out and expose him.

How would Dad know where to contact Rayner to show him how interested he was in his preparations for the wedding. I think Coleman Rayner instilled in Dad Markle the idea this would be fun, give a little publicity to the wedding, etc. Megan knew exactly what she was doing by doing this.

She never wanted her father to walk her down the aisle. He did not have the “Look” she wanted. She always wanted William (who refused I would bet) but at least Prince Charles.

She had to set him up to do something wrong she knew she could fall out over. If she always wanted him in the wedding why not bring him to LA where both parents could all meet Harry, they could discuss plans for the wedding, clothes could be altered. But she hung him out to dry, in Mexico on his own and completely unsure of his role or place in the formalities of a Royal wedding!

Quite frankly, if she really expected him to walk her down the aisle she would have least taken him to a Dentist in LA and gotten him some teeth! She did not do any of these things…she never wanted or planned on him either being there or taking any part in the wedding. He was an embarrassment to her (she apparently forgot what an embarrassment she was in her own life to her own family) so again she fell back on what she always does…she lied, she lied, she lied, she lied, she lied. That is probably what caused him to have a heart attack. He realized she never really loved him, but only used him until she could “Markle” him out of her life.

I agree with this anon, She set him up to fall, I wish Tom Markle nothing but the best and I’m sure Sam Markle will go after Meghan Markle for this. 

Anon said: Sam and Meg

Do you know much about the history of Samantha and Meghan’s relationship? What way does Sam go, or she in on the end game that MM is trying at?

Does Sam hate her sister, or wished for her to fail? The whole family seems fairly dysfunctional from the behaviours, narcissism, manipulation, and self-entitled attitudes. Even Thomas Markle, heart attacks included, is very childlike and needy in a rather emotionally manipulative way.

Every time a Markle speaks out, it is always contrived, so it’s about them and what they want, even if it’s painted in a sympathetic way. Maybe you disagree, but I speak from experience. They all seem very emotionally abusive and unhinged. Sad it’s played out on the world stage, and I am so sick of seeing Meghan articles every day everywhere, like a plague on everyone’s house!!

According to Sam, Meghan was close as far as they spoke to one another all the time until she got the role on Suits and met Markus Anderson, SoHo fame. Then everybody got ghosted, including her husband.

I had private conversations with Sam, and she flips flops all over the place.  When you ask her something close to the target, she doesn’t respond, she stays on point.

I agree they all have a sense of narcissism, and it’s diffidently from the Markle side of the family. Then again, we haven’t heard much from the Ragland side. Apple the same tree, you know. Always the victim and they had an unhealthy attachment to their father if you read the Tig its creepy.

I watched the interviews yesterday, and I have to say it was coached, Sam seemed much more in control than she usually is, which adds to this world reality show.

You know I was literally getting sick to my stomach, reading all the articles about Meghan. I took a step back because we were making happen, and that is something I didn’t want. If she were indeed in love with Harry, she would have gone out of her way to fit in like the Countess of Wessex. Meghan is here for Meghan, and she still needs Harry to pull it off, or he’d be long gone by now.

Thank you anon, 🥰

PS: I do think they are in it together

The Sun- Sam Markle interview

“And yet, allegedly, we’ve heard some mudslinging directed at the Royal Family. And they’ve been talking to the press allegedly or their friends have by reports.


“And this idea that, allegedly, ‘If we don’t get what we want, we’re going to do an exclusive interview’.

Sam has been coached I want to get this out there.  Lots of allegedly. 

“And so the very thing that she allegedly was willing to disown a father who had given her everything for, she herself is doing to the Royals and going so public about it and being willing to do an explosive interview.


“Her friends didn’t like being abused in the public and called names, yet they sat and watch an encyclopaedia of names flung at our family.


“Words [to describe the Royal Family] such as toxic I think are highly inappropriate given that she was given an incredible opportunity and welcomed into their family.


“So it all doesn’t make sense and it feels as though the Royal Family is experiencing the same sort of hurt and shock and unjust treatment that my father is.”

Willing to an explosive interview? 

Sam is now calm and rational compared to her wild accusations.  I call into question some of her motives. She is telling the truth but there is something sinister behind this. Now, I do talk to Sam and when there is a question that I get to close too she changes the subject or shuts down. I did ask her about Hillary Clinton’s involvement in this and she shut down. 

She said: “I looked into the media, I looked at things the British Royal Family had said, and at no time did I ever see anything racist directed at her.”

Sam is telling a narrative don’t forget that. 

She said: “Of course he is because he has not only a right but a moral obligation to present the truth.”


“What is so profoundly glaring to me is that this letter had been allegedly shared with five of her friends and in People magazine, so she didn’t claim breach of privacy then.”


She said: “When we’re talking about mental health being human is very difficult.


“And I know she’s been under a lot of pressure, but clearly she has made decisions that have created a lot of these circumstances.


“And one way to moderate some of that  would be to make better decisions.


“To be more careful that her actions meet her words, especially in a royal position when you have the eyes of the world watching and relying on you to fill what you fulfil what you said you’re going to do.


“It’s foolhardy to assume those roles and then, ‘Oh, I can’t handle it’, well you had a choice.


“You could do the math and look at whether or not you can handle it based on your skills and your energy level.


“And if you fall short and let people down then it really is on her because she’s an adult, she’s intelligent, and you can’t jump into something like this sloppily, and without careful study and understanding.”


New Samantha Markle interview

Meghan Markle’s sister Samantha says ‘Prince Harry and Meghan have a lot of apologising to do’ and calls decision to quit royal life a ‘gross breach of duty’ as she insists Megxit was the idea of the duchess alone

‘It was all Meghan’s idea’: Samantha Markle blames her sister for the Sussexes’ decision to quit royal life and calls it a ‘gross breach of duty’

  • Samantha Markle, 55, is Thomas Markle’s daughter from his first marriage
  • She has used This Morning interview to hammer couple over treatment of dad
  • ‘What they were doing to my father was incredibly wrong and shocking’, she said
  • Ms Markle says her half-sister enjoyed royal life but quit over ‘spending’ criticism
  • Meghan launched legal action over publication of extracts of letter to her father
  • Mr Markle is expected to be called as a key witness for defence in court case 

I’m looking for the Dan Wootton and Sam Markle interview on talk radio

Ms Markle also appeared to deny that the criticisms of her half-sister were laced with racism, calling the claim: ‘A misplacement of blame to avoid accountability’.

Thomas Markle is ready for court showdown with Meghan

‘If he is called, he will come’: Meghan Markle’s half-sister Samantha says their father Thomas is ready for court showdown with the Duchess in ‘trial of the century’ against Mail on Sunday

If she can do it to ours, she will do it for you. 

Watch out for this one, I have a very bad feeling about this 


Sarri submits: Samantha Markle interview

Meghan Markle’s half-sister blames ‘death threats’ on a tell-all book on Duchess of Sussex.

Meghan Markle’s half-sister blames ‘death threats’ on tell-all book on Duchess of Sussex



She said the harassment she was subjected to forced her to move twice, first from Florida and then from Virginia after online trolls “taunted” her with threatening images of her and her home.


I agree with Sam Markle, and I have felt the harassment with death threats as well. Sam does warn that there are many fake accounts out there that claim they are her.  I’ve warned all of you to beware of these accounts.

Ki Native and Monroe trolls are the worst!  Could Meghan stop it, YES!!  One message to these people to stop these life threats would do it, but they have crossed the line with personal information.

How could you ghost a father that was loved and adored, had two heart attacks and still crickets.  I think someone lying, Meghan!

This interview was done by an NBC affiliate WFLA in Tampa, FL.

If the Royal family wants to get you, they will!  Be Safe Samantha

Anon submits: Samantha is back

‘Did you ever ask dad if he was okay after two heart attacks?’: Samantha Markle calls half-sister Meghan a hypocrite for complaining that no one asks about her wellbeing – and says it’s ‘ludicrous’ for the millionaire ‘to complain about anything’

Yep, she is back and this time she isn’t the villain. Commenters have jumped on her side but the jury still out if this isn’t one giant scam.

Anon said: Samantha – Book- stopped by MM lawyers

Anon said: Samantha – Book- stopped by MM lawyers

so just that you know, the rumor is that Sam has finally accepted an offer from Meghan’s lawyer. she won’t talk (much) anymore about Meghan and won’t publish the book. she also is not allowed to talk about what she’s signed etc.

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