Meghan – Samantha – Thomas

Meghan – Samantha – Thomas

Meghan is putting this out there before Samantha’s book is published so that she can look like she was extending an olive branch but was rebuffed, when in fact, there was no such offer. She is just trying to make herself look like the victim once again. Disgusting to use the baby for her Machiavellian manipulations! And her smug face makes her very unlikable.

It’s all bullshit anyway, as I said…

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Thomas Markle

I wonder how much Thomas Markle got paid to finally shut up and play along with the PR letter incident…

I was looking through Enty’s blinds last night he claims that MM and H paid their family 5 million. That didn’t shut them up or was it the mother that got the money?

Thomas will be back at MM beck and call.

Sam alleges she has a book, but yet no one knows the publisher. I would think there…

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Aida: submits BS weekly ~ Sams slams George

Aida: submits BS weekly ~ Sams slams George

George Clooney – Samantha Markle

Samantha Markle Slams George Clooney for Defending Half-Sister Duchess Meghan: ‘I Doubt’ He Would ‘Ghost His Mother’

A royal rift. Duchess Meghan’s estranged half-sister, Samantha Markle, fired shots at George Clooney after he defended the Suits alum…

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