Daily Mail ~ Prince Harry and Markle ramp up Royal Social Media rivalry

Oops! Sara Latham, you have a loose cannon for a client


Some light hearted relief~ Prince Jughead and Meathead

From the crummy real world news. Our two intrepid morons Harry and Megsy having rejected titles for their kid cause they want him to be normal have spent their evening reading the blogs and DM comments and figured out that this was not a good pr ploy. So, as usual, they now release a NEW story that the comic book baby is going to be a Prince eventually. They do this over and over again. Screw up realize it cause they are obsessed with their images and spend their time reading what other people say about them and then release a new story which totally contradicts their last story. And they think we do not notice this. It is wash rinse repeat. From now on in I am going to refer to them as the court jesters. Cause they cannot be taken seriously. They have a beautiful new baby with them and yet they are still reading blogs and tabloid comments. What a life. LOL.

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Palmer and Tominey have articles calling them out on their sell outs to the lowest-rated morning show. Hey, court jesters if you are going to alienate your power base then don’t do it for the lowest-rated morning show and understand you, youth ambassadors, that the audience for the morning shows is a middle-aged, middle-class stay at home women. Not exactly the demographic you are supposedly going after. Wow, Harry could have been taken seriously as a real humanitarian and statesman, and he traded that in to be morning talk show fodder and a tabloid cliché. Great work there Harry!

I’m dying!  The court jesters!  Look at this gif, doesn’t it remind you of the banana dress she wore?  Harry the dancing buffoon from the JA wedding taking out the waiter doing the moonwalk!

Sara Latham might be whip-smart in politics but these are royals, and these two will go against any good advice. We all look forward to eating popcorn and laughing our asses off at the court jesters, Meathead and Jughead!

They named their kid after a dead cat she feeds frozen grapes too, poor cat, the lame ass owner!  What a Meathead move.

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Good Morning! My friends! Oh the ghastly rumors we will find today

It appears the tabs are fighting mad at Meghan and Harry for getting cockblocked over being snubbed after they help support their causes and follow them during their work as royals.


UNSPECIFIED – UNDATED: (STRICTLY EMBARGOED FROM ALL USAGE UNTIL 00:01 BST ON FRIDAY MAY 10, 2019) (NO SALES) In this undated handout image provided by Shout on May 9, 2019, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex meet Crisis Volunteers working with Shout, a free text messaging service which aims to provide 24/7 support for anyone experiencing mental health crisis. (Photo by Shout via Getty Images) NOTE TO EDITORS: This handout photo may only be used in for editorial reporting purposes for the contemporaneous illustration of events, things or the people in the image or facts mentioned in the caption. Reuse of the picture may require further permission from the copyright holder.

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This Getty plugin is fantastic! The shout pictures have no bylines; unspecified ~ undated, Sara are you playing games?  Naughty, naughty to take the spotlight away from William and Kate who gave the Duo credit. Gee, I wonder how PO they are today?

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Who can blame them for being upset as they do the heavy lifting and Gayle King who doesn’t know Meghan well and was invited to the scam baby shower in New York City several months ago?

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This blog outed that MM has a relationship with Creative Artist Agency to invite celebrity’s to her wedding last year. That’s why thirsty Oprah, Gayle King,  George, and Amal Clooney showed up at the wedding. These people had never met MM before yet they are all BFF now.  They all connected to #metoo  and  Times Up, and they pick and choose who they want to throw under the bus.

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I think these two would show up to bar mitzvah if it had a red carpet! Wow, are they parched!

If you read here, you would know that Oprah is involved in supporting Harvey Weinstein, even financially to get him off of sexual assault charges. Enty says the fix is in for him not to serve any jail time.  Oprah also looked the other way while Harvey forced himself onto to at least two women.

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The misinformation highway is in overdrive and whoever is doing this *cough Sara Latham cough* is hitting the hardcore tabs like the Globe to make you believe that Harry is the father.  Why do this? Oh, that’s right, surrogate.  No wonder the queen isn’t bestowing any titles on Archie, what a little doll he is!  Harry will have to wait until his father becomes king and then he can give Meghan’s cat the honor of prince, whoops I mean the baby.  Might be another ten years to wait for that.

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Bonus! As I was searching Prince William Shout Out picture, it wasn’t there and when I searched Prince Harry and Meghan this showed up, no lie! 😱

Page Six~ Sara Latham spin on Why Meghan doesn’t want to be front and center?


In an attempt to cover up the surrogate, the palace is choosing to cover up with this crazy idea for Media MeAgain. This article is a direct shot at the Duchess of Cambridge, but it’s also a shot at previous Royals for taking what the Brits and The world consider the happiest joyous occasion.  The photo opportunity gives legitimacy to the birth of the child, no hanky panky in the line of succession.

Tell us what you think?   Do you think that this is the work of Sara Latham, former Clinton aide, Blair aide?

well……Something is going on

Something is going on so now finally the real story about how Harry and his escort met – in private rooms set up by the well-known pimp MA. The only thing missing was the cost eh?

So we get the “split” the mysterious hire of a Democrat fixer and former aide to Clinton and now MA the arranger of first “date” (did Meghan kiss on the first date? LOL!!!) and the person who introduced Megsy to the Clinton fixer.

Something is coming JD!!!

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You know it, and we are back talking about Meghan on the main blog!  I wish I had more time to give, and I’m trying!

There are a lot of theories we have been told on how they first met, and I’m sticking with they met in Toronto, and Meghan slipped him his number just like Camilla said.

It’s about time that someone exposed Markus Anderson because we have tried like hell to get something on him. He shut his IG down early in this circus, but he still managed to be the puppet master.  Appearing here and there it’s almost like a taunting us.

Markus is the fixer, the connection guy, no wonder Meghan hit it off with him. I had a conversation with Sam several months ago, and she said Meghan was never like this until she met Markus.

If Markus is indeed the middleman for the yachters, he must be making some hefty cash off these girls.  It came to my attention from a source they also use PR agencies as well, what a great place to make offers for sexual encounters — all at the click of the mouse.

This is what I heard, you don’t have to have sex with them on the first date, but if a girl wants to be taken care of for the rest of her life, she is willing to go for it. Some get pregnant and get a load of this, the guy will pay them for the rest of their lives, and they don’t mind. Wow! Blew my mind, dating for dollars or pounds.

The political connections go right back to Hillary and Bill, boom!  How much more obvious can you get.

What is the end game for these charlatans? We have all these links to metoo and times up, I happened upon them accidentally following the characters from  Variety and their conference they are having.    The only thing I can think of is Prince Andrew from all the blind items.

Are they extorting?  I’ve never seen the Royals act this way.  They nailed Harvey and now a dead pop star, R Kelly is a no brainer but who is next? The rhetoric is all the same, and please read the links I posted.

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Milken Institute ~ Sara Latham!

Sara Latham is a communications expert with more than 20 years’ experience in advising elected officials, businesses and foundations. She is one of a few Americans to have served as a political appointee in both the US and UK governments; where she worked for former President Clinton and former Prime Minister Blair. Sara is currently a Managing Partner at freuds, the London strategic communications agency where she oversees global corporate accounts with a particular emphasis on thought leadership and purpose-led initiatives and campaigns.  She has a proven ability to lead and thrive in highly scrutinized environments; deliver impactful strategic campaigns spanning business, government and NGOs; and execute specialized stakeholder engagement. Sara recently served as a Senior Adviser on the Hillary for America campaign, where she led the political strategy and execution for the ‘super surrogates, (Obama, Biden, President Clinton) and ran the campaign’s covert running-mate selection process, announcement and general election plan.

Milken was indicted for racketeering and securities fraud in 1989 in an insider trading investigation. As the result of a plea bargain, he pleaded guilty to securities and reporting violations but not to racketeering or insider trading. Milken was sentenced to ten years in prison, fined $600 million, and permanently barred from the securities industry by the Securities and Exchange Commission. His sentence was later reduced to two years for cooperating with testimony against his former colleagues and for good behavior.[4] Supporters, like George Gilder in his book, Telecosm (2000), state that “Milken was a key source of the organizational changes that have impelled economic growth over the last twenty years. Most striking was the productivity surge in capital, as Milken … and others took the vast sums trapped in old-line businesses and put them back into the markets.”[5] Since his release from prison, Milken has funded medical research.[6]

He is co-founder of the Milken Family Foundation, chairman of the Milken Institute, and founder of medical philanthropies funding research into melanoma, cancer and other life-threatening diseases. A prostate cancer survivor, Milken has devoted significant resources to research on the disease.[7] In a November 2004 cover article, Fortune magazine called him “The Man Who Changed Medicine” for changes in approach to funding and results that he initiated.[6] Milken’s compensation, while head of the high-yield bond department at Drexel Burnham Lambert in the late 1980s, exceeded $1 billion in a four-year period, a new record for U.S. income at that time.[8] With an estimated net worth of around $3.7 billion as of 2018, he is ranked by Forbes magazine as the 606th richest person in the world.[1][9]

DM~ Harry & MM choice in communications was once Clinton Aide

Ms. Latham worked for Phillip Gould Associates, who also is affiliated with Meghan Markle’s Cookbook.

After a career in advertising, and with the success of his wife Gail Rebuck (later CEO of Random House UK), whom he had met at Sussex, Gould founded his own polling and strategy company, Philip Gould Associates, in 1985. Appointed by Mandelson, Gould recruited the Shadow Communications Agency, a team of communication volunteers, who created Labour’s unsuccessful 1987 election campaign. This led to his position of influence within the Labour Party under Neil Kinnock and Tony Blair.[7]

Gould was the author of a leaked memo which, in 2000, described the New Labour brand as being contaminated.[8]


On 7 June 2004 he was created a life peer taking the title Baron Gould of Brookwood, of Brookwood in the County of Surrey.[9][10]

In 2007, he assumed a non-executive director role at Freud Communications,[11] which is the firm of Blair’s former diary secretary, Kate Garvey.[citation needed]

Publisher of Meghan’s book is Penguin Random House UK, is this a mere coincidence?  More and more I believe this was strategically planned. There is absolutely no question that this is a left-wing agenda.

Ms. Latham is a hit and run, money doesn’t matter to her, then it’s the leftist agenda at work here.  I think it stinks!

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