Lol Harry is close to Fergie, he always vacations with the Yorks. You can look up Harry and….CRESSIDA vacationing with The Yorks(including Fergie) Guess MM didn’t get an invite to vacay with the Yorks at their retreat. –fun


She is giving her payback because Fergie is proud of her daughters…unlike her mother that seems to have died!

I agree MM is so jealous of the Yorks she’d go to great lengths to try to humiliate them. If I were taking bets, I’d go team York any day. 

Mm needs to stop Fing with BRF. 


Anons, don’t panic, the invitations are sent by Lord Chamberlain on behalf of The Queen and they cannot be sent without all required approvals which in this case are The Queen, Privy Council and Parliament. Look up when were William and Kate’s invitations sent and add another month/half of a month to it. Otherwise it is, just as Skippy said, gaslighting, we can’t fall for it


Thank you….❤️

Exactly anon, the only person who is leaking is MM. How dare she blame anything on the Duchess of York.  The Sun article has to be dealt with.