The Queen ‘blocked Meghan Markle and Prince Harry breaking away from Buckingham Palace to keep an eye on them’

I say the Queen has had quite enough of this 💩💩


Money, money money

RICHARD KAY: Royal split racked up the bill – but are couple doing their part of deal?


Anon submits: Daily Mail ~ Frogmore

Revealed: How Harry and Meghan splashed out £2.4m of YOUR cash on Frogmore Cottage as they turned FIVE small homes into one with all new bathrooms, bedrooms, and ‘floating’ kitchen floor

Holy Shit!

Bitch slap to the Sussex’s



Meghan at International Women’s Day event

The whole article incl. The pictures are ridiculous. Meghan Markle thinks she’s intelligent and says things like ’embryonic kicking of feminism’ etc.

I think she is a little earlier to wear to wear such a short dress, it’s 48 degrees now, but the high is 55. Meghan is using her word salads again and dressed so the world can see her coochie.  The blazer is ill-fitting, I like the look, but it’s inappropriate to represent the Queen.

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