Was Baba Bill posing for that?

Now tell me he never knew anything. He never heard anything.

Hilarious photoshop!

Hillary Clinton one of the puppet masters attacking our duly elected by the people, President Trump!


Hillary is a poor loser! George Soros is pouring in millions to attack and undermine our president!


Nancy Pelosi Tweet and a Parodies about the insane clown posse

Anon submitted: New Birth Plan REVEALED ~ LMAO

Anon submitted: New Birth Plan REVEALED ~ LMAO

New Birth Plan for Baby Sussex REVEALED

The Duchess of Sussex and her human, the Duke of Sussex, HRH Prince Harry have revealed their latest and final birth plan.

Rejecting any hospital, or a home birth in water or out, the expectant parents have revealed that they will have a open air birth.

An undisclosed woodlands area is now being readied, because it’s BABY TIME ANY MINUTE NOW BABY!!


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