Dirty shoes! It’s so much more than that!

Dirty shoes! It’s so much more than that!

JD, Dirty shoes again! Why? I do not understand? Where does she find dirt, in England, there is no asphalt? I am ashamed!

That would be on Meghan Markle; she wants to have it her way, the control freak!  The woman can insist on wearing bespoke at 10k but has shit shoes on; it means she has no class.

Since the Camilla Toimeny article praising her by Prince Charles as the savior of the monarchy,…

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Markle tries to save face with Doria

Markle tries to save face with Doria

Was probably never invited in the first place the article claiming she was in The Express, so that was Megsy pr. It gets hard to come up with three stories a day to keep the boring one in the news.

Doria, well they had to come up with something quick. I’m so over Meghan Markle’s PR scams.  It’s bad enough attacking bloggers and regular people tweeting their opinions; Now they are going after…

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