Sean Hannity: Democrats are impeachment first, facts later – Desperation Dems

Due Process! Now!


Hannity calls for release of every Biden-Ukraine phone call transcript!

This is what Dan Bongino was talking about, and I also feared this president would hurt all future presidents with executive privilege. Now, the Dems are yelling for the Chinese transcripts to be made public!


I can’t tell you enough how this game is getting so cutthroat it’s hurting our country and the MSM doesn’t care!  They hate this president so much for Trump, calling them out for their lies, the president is not angry with the people. You must believe me on this one folk.  Trump loves you; he can’t stand the media on the left.


I can prove this, please watch this video, and I swear on my fathers grave that President Trump is the good guy.  The intelligence community is out to get him.  I’m not paranoid about this folks.