How do they afford this treatment?

Barack, 57, his wife Michelle, 55, and their two daughters Sasha, 18, and Malia, 20, will relax at the palatial Le Mas des Poiriers, rented at 55,000 euros for the week, according to a report by Le Parisien

The Obama’s flew private with secret service in tow along with heavily arms French Guards.  It must really pay off after you leave the office.

It truly makes me wonder how much of these so-called foundations these former public servants take in?  We know there is dirty handling in the Clinton Foundation, I’m wondering did it rub off on the Obama’s?

Many publications put Obama’s net worth at around 40 million dollars, and this trip cost $66, 806 for the villa and approximately $140,000 just for the jet. We don’t know how much money they are going to spend there.  They are private citizens now, but we still pay for their security.


Daily Mail~ US Flags line the Mall

Prince Andrew, Duke of York, is to accompany Donald Trump for two of three days during his state visit to the UK, in order to defuse any political blow-ups with conversations about golf.

This is really funny, and maybe they can chit chat about Jeffrey Epstein and Lolita Island. Perhaps, they will get around to talks about Congress releasing the names in the sealed file??  Give us Assange, and maybe Mr. P might be able to help a bit.

I do appreciate the fanfare, but the last time there is talk they tried to kill the President previously during his visit there. Was it a Sanctioned hit by an ally?

The men met 20 years ago at the president’s Mar-a-Lago estate and golf course in Palm Springs, Florida, and are already well acquainted sharing a mutual friend in disgraced millionaire Jeffrey Epstein, who was jailed on child prostitution charges in 2008.   

😝😝😝It’s a billionaire for Epstein, child slavery too and passing the kiddies to friends to get their jollies, I want to say this was planned in advance and I’m sure listening devices will be employed.


While the men make polite conversation, hundreds of thousands of activists are preparing to paralyse London with mass demonstrations.

Fears for Trump’s safety have meant he will not be involved in a carriage procession down the Mall or the official welcome on Horse Guards Parade – which will instead take place in Buckingham Palace’s garden.

I may love the Royals, but my country will always come first! As I stated earlier we suspected a sanctioned hit last time our President was there.  Whether you like, love or hate our President, he is our duly elected executive of our country.  If they attempt to hurt one hair on his head, that will mean war.

I think security will be waterproof like a ducks bottom! I pray for both countries to come to some realization that our President will be re-elected no matter how much the Integrity Initiative tried to mess with the US on behalf of Hillary Clinton.  Which is illegal to spy on American citizens.

Guilty Pleasure Time! National Inquirer ~ Harry can only stay out in the open for 45 minutes

Prince Harry is only allowed out in public with pals for 45 minutes at a time amid increased fears he is a target for terrorists, kidnappers and royal stalkers, The National ENQUIRER has learned.

The royal has been stopped from partying with pals by his close protection squad due to suspicions he is being monitored by “increasingly dangerous elements” including ISIS extremists and dangerously obsessed fans.

They are also refusing to allow him to stay in open spaces with friends for any longer than 45 minutes due to the dangers of social media being used to alert potential attackers to his whereabouts.

Why is Harry & Meghan going to Morocco again?  Both have many things to consider before embarking to a Muslim Country.   MM will be eight months pregnant, anon already brought up DVT that’s deep vein thrombosis, and that can be deadly.  Harry has a target on his back from fighting in Afganistan against the Taliban. 

This visit is on request of the Government?? I can’t believe for one moment that they would put them at risk like this.   No one wants to see anything happen to these two, guess it’s something I can’t understand. 

Do we say bullshit to this article or is there a bit of truth? you decide


Guilty Pleasures~ National Enquirer ~ Meghan Flees country retreat

Ok, first, 😹😹😹😹😹it was said money issues, but yes, it was security, but she did it to herself asking Splash and Coleman Ryanor to take pictures to prove to a blogger on tumblr she lives with Harry! BWAAAHAHAHAH

These were the same photographers that set Tom Markle up, ask yourself, MM didn’t want her dad to go to the wedding!  What a way to cut him out of your life and the cash!


The insider continued, “It is very secluded and will cost too much money to police. They are now looking for somewhere even more private which isn’t a magnet for terrorists, robbers, and perverts.”

Sun-seeker Meghan also feared being photographed by cranks using drones as she sunbathed on the home’s lawns in the summer months. And sex-mad thrill-seekers are their biggest concern. 

The road that leads to the country house is a hot spot for men trawling for gay sex. And busy trunk road that passes the top of the lane to home is a favorite destination for swingers’ romps.

The road has attracted several mentions on sites dedicated to outdoor sex in the UK with one revealing: “Lots of lay-bys on the road to Banbury. Popular with couples, gay men and voyeurs. Watch for police.”


Ko~ on Meghan Tax Issues

Ko~ on Meghan Tax Issues

Anonymous said:
Hi JD, Ko again. Thanks for posting my ask on surrogacy. Just want to clarify that I have not ruled out that option as MM’s dangerous cunning knows no limit and I do not put anything past her. Meanwhile, will the announced shift to Frogmore help reduce PH’s tax liabilities in the US? And wrt tax, what is the status of items in kind (jewelry, clothes, etc. and so no cash…

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Ko~ on Meghan Tax Issues

Hi JD, Ko again. Thanks for posting my ask on surrogacy. Just want to clarify that I have not ruled out that option as MM’s dangerous cunning knows no limit and I do not put anything past her. Meanwhile, will the announced shift to Frogmore help reduce PH’s tax liabilities in the US? And wrt tax, what is the status of items in kind (jewelry, clothes, etc. and so no cash transactions) shipped via JM and difficult to track online? Any info on tax liabilities of the 75 K dress, Birks, etc.? Tks.
Absolutely, Yes!  Anything they receive from Prince Charles is considered taxable for  MM, not Harry. They may have received wedding presents that have value. If Harry gifts her items say Cartier Bracelets there is a gift tax that must be paid to two countries. It’s getting really complicated, real fast.  The rent that’s paid for them is considered income if they pay her tax burden, it’s income. Security, OMG 🙀
There is the blind that says that they billed Prince Charles and split the difference. That is allegedly in a joint account in Toronto. That’s about a half a million; they charge this man full price. MM should go to jail for that one.
My birdies told me she is flat broke, and Harry can’t afford a sandwich. If MM doesn’t get out there to merch, there won’t be any money coming to pay for PR.  This is my feeling; I think that KP has paid her PR bill and heads are about to roll.
Thank you, KO 🌸🌸😎

No protection from the royal family at all, its forbidden. Of course she can hire a private security company, that isn’t the problem. Kate only started to have one, that is and was at time a RPO, AFTER the engagement was announced. Not before!

oh, sorry, it’s sucks to be her right now, come on you know that’s flying around the world right now. It is to quiet today, something is brewing. A reporter said her life is just to perfect, something is off and it is, it’s a shame really cause, she is kinda of blowing it