That’s All Folks!

Time to say good night and Sarri will be on soon to bring all the latest Royal News.

I have some Q drops and most likely will make fun of the Markle’s.

If you have any requests don’t hesitate to send them in. Tell me how you’re doing in this lockdown?  Make comments on the Markles. Send in an article, a video on anything.

I used to have so much fun playing DJ on Tumblr, don’t be shy send it in.


I’m on WordPress @

I’m on WordPress @

I have to work on Henry Cavill and separate him from the rest of the tumblr goo.  I figure taking the smaller interest first is a better idea, as the Harry case is vast, but when I find a scoop, I’ll make it sticky so you won’t have to search too long.

I’m on google hangouts for an instant message; You can send anons here, you can add attachments and pictures.  You will remain anonymous. My site…

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