Hannity: Michael Flynn was set up


Meghan called the paps again

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle walk beagle Guy and labrador Oz as part of their daily exercise routine wearing bandanas as facemasks during lockdown in Los Angeles


From JD: A reminder that Coleman Rayner had rights to all of Meghan’s pictures they also setup poor Thomas Markle in those ridiculous shots in Mexico.  This my friends is a setup, remember you have to call the paps for outside shots. Hollywood and Malibu live in a gated community with five acres of ground. What do we have?  Tiny houses and apartments

This is a media blitz, failure again! 

Clooney’s and the Prince of Wales

Clooney’s and the Prince of Wales

Would have paid a huge sum 100K to sit with PC during this dinner. PC does this several times a year to raise money for his charities. Means nothing. The invites would have gone out well before the shower.


What is this good cop, bad cop? Of course, it means something don’t be silly.  That is what the public will think regardless; it’s an embarrassment. Blind item says…

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They Were All Working Together…

They Were All Working Together…

Anonymous said:
From LinkedIn: Both Charlotte Wace and Christian Jones attended Cardiff Univ. He from 2008-2011; she from 2011-2014. So, one year when they both were at Cardiff. He meets with MM and a couple weeks later Wace does a hit piece on bloggers. Coincidence? Something for lawyers to look into further.
I saw a post, they were hitting up a lot of bloggers within a 24 hour period. That dude…

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The kid was a setup

The kid was a setup

Anonymous said:
The kid w the gift outside and calling her name is her pr set up She knew exactly where to go, and they were calling her name It was odd and her pr
I agree, she took it and dismissed him like its nothing.  They do this all the time; you are supposed to make some brief small talk, she didn’t. Guess our Diva wasn’t in the mood, probably trashed…

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