Get it if you can afford them. It is great never vacuum again. Best wishes for your new adventure! Love Cate!


OMG, I fainted last night from the sticker shock $1,500! But shark makes one that’s about 450-500, and I saw the comment about Cat’s riding it and that would be my cat! 😹😹 It looks like a replacement battery for the shark sweeper for now.

That would be sweet to lunch with…

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Just Jared Meghan Markle’s old resolutions ~ @culinary 16 💋

Just Jared Meghan Markle’s old resolutions ~ @culinary 16 💋

culinary16 submitted:


Meghan Markle had a special New Year’s resolution the year she met Prince Harry.

Back in January of 2016, the then 34-year-old actress took to her blog to write that she wasn’t going to have a resolution!

In year’s past she had wanted to run a…

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