Leaked email: talking points for the left against President Donald Trump! Important, read this!

1.) The very first bulletin in the leaked email is to remind people of allegations against President Trump. Yet nothing, of course, is said about Bill Clinton who rode on Epstein’s “Lolita Express” 27 times to Orgy Island..

This is absolutely sickening, and that’s why we felt the need to show you this.

The research shows the mainstream media is in the pocket of the elites and the Deep state.  Are they doing this as sort some delusional patriotism or they just being paid? I wait for that proof. That will blow them to pieces.  The country knows something is amiss with the media.


CNN is hate-filled racist shame on you for liking Trump. MSDNC is a straight-up fairy tales show. I’m waiting for unicorns to appear on news desks to tell you the world is ending in 12 years because you haven’t done your part!  If that’s the case, we should party like it’s 1999.  The rest of the MSM numbskulls better dropped the hate quickly because the Michael Horowitz is up to bat with the warrant investigation.


Sean Hannity nailed it with the partially unredacted memo proving that Hillary Clinton along with the DNC and GPS Fusion started this fairy tale of horrors against the We the people and the duly elected president of these United States!


The black cash ledger was a fake document

The black cash ledger was a fake document

The article is from 2017. The info about the ledger was leaked into the press on purpose. The Mueller team could not use the original doc. Because they always knew that the doc was fake. They cited media reports as evidence. Holy moly!

No wonder why federal courts want Congress to figure it out first, it’s a bloody mess.  Lady Justice is crying right now, her scales are not being used, but…

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Anonymous said: This whole shit show is a wreck!💩

Anonymous said: This whole shit show is a wreck!💩

Anonymous said:
1 of 2) This whole shit show is a wreck! I want to look/walk away from, but I keep getting sucked back in ha. Still, this is all too much what with the contradictions, lies, far fetched theories, attacks, etc… so unless you are one of the taxpayers helping to support these people, I suggest letting things go!
Harry/Meg (and possibly the BRF as a whole) aren’t even worth all of…

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More random stuff

Hi JD,

I tend not to be a conspiracy person, so I don’t think that the DM is colluding with her. The British are more reserved in what they say than Americans, so the criticisms all come from reading between the lines, and as you just said in K’s post, she either is too dumb to figure it out or wears it like a badge of honor. I loved Jan Moir’s piece in the DM tonight, and Piers said it…

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Anonymous said: This letter was way too smooth

Anonymous said: This letter was way too smooth

Anonymous said:
This letter was way too smooth. Megs is a twisted chick. She expected the world to love her and not question a thing. This whole thing is not going according to her plan. She gave the nod to these “friends” to be her voice.
This is a contrived shit show, it’s scripted and it’s not real in the realm of this planet.  Look at as professional wrestling, that’s how low this is.

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Anonymous said: Where’re the comments options on the letter?

Anonymous said: Where’re the comments options on the letter?

Anonymous said:
Where’re the comments options on the letter? Who takes a copy of a well written, constructed one-sided letter before sending to their father? MM of course, so her PR can release it at a later date showing her as a victim! Clap clap, MM trying to send her father to an early grave. She knew what to write and how to word it.
Megs is not a credible person and family falls short too. …

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Things That Make You Go “Hmm”

Things That Make You Go “Hmm”

Isn’t it just amazing that the QM can admonish PW on the balcony too, “Get up!” when he was kneeling and speaking to his son, but she cannot tell PH to, “Get off!” Migsy.


Yep, makes you wonder how does this broad is getting away with this cheap shit? Nobody that follows this belives this. It’s insulting to the people to allow this to happen.


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I agree with this post!

I agree with this post!

Anonymous said:
what ticks me off is the so-called helpers/watchers who built hope that Harry was not a captive to MM. Without them we would be like most of the other blogs. Recognizing MM’s scam but having no faith in Harry. But we had faith in him. We bought what they sold us. Harry loyal to his family. But now when it appears Harry is done for and abandoned whatever loyalty he felt where are…

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