Author of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s biography Omid Scobie says even the Sussexes ‘didn’t expect things to turn out the way they did’ and promises book will be the definitive version’ of their lives

  • British journalist Omid Scobie discussd the release of Harry and Meghan’s bio
  • Says it feels nice to finally talk about the project after  ‘beavering away at quietly for two years’
  • Admitted even the Sussexes didn’t expect things to turn out the way they did
  •  Finding Freedom: Harry and Meghan and the Making of A Modern Royal Family is set to be released worldwide online on August 11

Celebrities are a joke


Anon submits: Daily Mail- Harry Markle branded ‘hypocrites’ following latest post

Anon submits: Daily Mail- Harry Markle branded ‘hypocrites’ following latest post

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are branded ‘hypocrites’ for urging people to ‘do your little bit of good’ on Instagram after private jet trip storm

Elton, 72, claimed he ensured Prince Harry and Meghan’s flights to and from the…

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Vin not sure if we did this one

DM – moderation

Seems like the DM got a call from the KP and received a complaint. They just published a new article called:

Why ARE Meghan’s clothes always creased? Expert claims that the Duchess’ wrinkled wardrobe is down to a poor choice in fabric – and she should opt for more knitwear like Kate

The first comments are/were:

Med1967, London, United Kingdom, about an hour ago

Please just leave her alone DM!

Asha, Sydney, about an hour ago

She spends far too much but I love her outfits. Half of those are not creased but just have folds in them from normal movement.

Jo, Newton Le Willows, United Kingdom, 45 minutes ago

Ah if all else fails, criticise a woman for creased clothes. No wonder women are so conscious about the way they look.

Addie Nuff, London Town, United Kingdom, 44 minutes ago

I’m no fan. Not by a long way. But this is just bullying.

Floyd, Northants, United Kingdom, 44 minutes ago

Oh for god sake. This poor woman can’t do anything right in some peoples eyes. Leave her alone.

Rize, HWSQ, Austria, 43 minutes ago

Who cares if her clothes are creased or not – she doesn’t look good one way or another because she has a terrible fashion sense.

The DM hasn’t done that for Meghan for a very long time now, so I guess her PR team had a talk with the DM – you know, to publish the “poor Meghan” comments first.



Yeah the sugars think your site has changed cause you got scared. They think AHPF and Banana Chronicles shut down cause they were paid or got scared. So yeah let’s bankrupt MM! Make her pay to shut us up! Oh wait – she is on the verge of bankruptcy already. And she can’t shut the gossip media and UK tabs – they are coming!!!!!!


Those two aren’t shut down, i spoke to Banana not too long…

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Stop Talking!!!

Anonymous said:

Thomas should stop giving interviews. The only thing he and Sam accomplish is that more and more people have sympathy with “poor Meghan”.

This is a very valid point. The more they run their mouths the more people are going to pity her. Absolutely true.


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