JM Car is Goodbye Anon

I think Markle requested the Jessica Mulroney car article to be published and I think Jess is to stupid to realize this. M prob wants to get rid of Jess. Greed for solo sponsorship checks??

I personally, definitely think MM had something to do with the car sent to JM as a payoff of some sort. JM has denied receiving a vehicle but an insider at Jaguar did confirm that JM was given a car. The insider never said who gifted it to JM but they did say she received one. Remember that Ben was to be given an exclusive interview with MM & PH at the Invictus Games but that was shut down by BP and the Mulroney’s were sent packing after only being on the tour for 10 out of the 16 days. She also posted that cryptic message on her Instagram account on the 20th.
I don’t think JM is stupid. I think she is just as conniving and greedy as MM and I think she has MM scared of what she may or may not choose to tell so MM is doing her best to keep JM happy. Jaguar is owned by Range Rover which provides cars to the Royal Family. If a Jaguar, which was either free or deeply discounted, keeps JM’s mouth shut for the time being so MM can keep this farce up and the money from merching coming in then that is what she will do!
Thank you Anon!
Breezycooke 🤠💨🤠💨
JM Car is Goodbye Anon