The Sun: MM caught lying about Ashley Cole

Meghan Markle’s claim Ashley Cole pursued her is ‘nonsense’, says his brother


Meghan Markle was a failure in Hollywood claims biography

Yep, and I’ve claimed this along, she was looking for the next best thing. Meghan pursued Harry with all her tricks and network pals for introduction, even giving sexual favors to his friends. Now, those friends that warned Harry are banished by Meghan.

A possible timeline they don’t want you to know

A possible timeline they don’t want you to know

A Possible Timeline they don’t want you to know
NSW Anon ~

Hi Jersey,

I can’t find my post about the relationship timeline but will redo and try to cover the main points. I think PH and MM knew each other for years before 2016, for the following reasons – ( sorry for the long post).

I will search NSW and make it stick to the front, and I change the sticky often.  I love your posts no need to…

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Prince Harry the Myth~ Meghan Markle’s making him Pay

Prince Harry the Myth~ Meghan Markle’s making him Pay

Prince Harry’s the Myth
Meghan Markle is making him Pay for womanizing
JD’s been sitting on information for two years about behind the scenes of the real Prince Harry. 

It’s a lot of information to process, together with my partner Vintage Scorpio we dive into some information that has been told to me privately.  JD’s is tired of the fighting going on between MM fans and Harry fans.  The screams…

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Markle is quite irritating ~ anon

Markle is quite irritating ~ anon

Anonymous said:

Markle is quite irritating. I hate that she always acts so caring and compassionate – she’s a ruthless social climber – no more, no less.


Thank you for your opinion, I like it, to me, it’s a true statement. 🦃🦃🦃

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she was born that way

she was born that way

Anonymous said:
How do you suppose MM was able to get Cory as a boyfriend and Trevor as a husband? I read that she only became bad after getting involved with MA. I don’t believe this. You don’t just suddenly become a pathological liar. This trait starts in childhood and in early teens and gets progressively worse, as we all know. Those 2 guys had to have known she was a nutcase, same with Harry.…

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