Harry’s friends say, voudrais-tu coucher avec moi ce soir


Anon said: Meghan and her friends

Meghan is in no position to judge other people considering she now hangs out with people like the Clintons etc. many of her new fake friends are also leftie-perverts.

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That’s right anon, we knew she was left-leaning, but she isn’t trying to hide it anymore.  Meghan and Harry WOKE  crap is for the birds.  I had anon a while back saying being Woke was not making about themselves.  Really? No shit!

Is Harry so brainwashed he actually believes this crap!

All that is a false narrative giving by George Soros, I wonder how woke he really is taking private jets everywhere. He ought to be locked up for the Coupe de Gras he is pulling on this Duly elected President. Read the kitty links Shills, trolls, read the Blue Share private memo.

Thank you anon, 🌸😎🥰

Anon submits: DM- Sebastian Shakespeare – Sussex Foundation- Soho connection

Anon submits: DM- Sebastian Shakespeare – Sussex Foundation- Soho connection

Soho Connections

Soho House has always been there front and center, which makes me laugh. They couldn’t be more obvious. The Narcaholic was going to have her way no matter what any royal courtier said, even though this…

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Anon said: Hmm

There’s a rumor going around that Harry isn’t using a “royal lawyer”. Apparently, they decided to hire American lawyers in their case against the Mail, and the statement was so dramatic because Meghan wrote it actually for the Americans because Meghan cares more about them than the Brits.


The lawyers are also in London, yes they are not Royal lawyers that could have…

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Anon said: What I think about Harry and Meghan

Anon said: What I think about Harry and Meghan

I have taken my rose colored glasses off as concerns Harry. I think what went down is Harry and Meghan went and got a surrogate implanted. Then sprung it on the family. That is the nervous looking Harry at Eugenie’s wedding. He knew it was wrong but did it anyway.

That is why Will wants nothing to do with him. That is why the foundation is being split they know Harry and Meghan cannot be trusted,…

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Exposing Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle is one way to salvage Harry, but I doubt such exposure looks like jail. Clean and quick. They may just let her divorce him walk away. I don’t think there is going to be a kid, but I have been wrong before.


Expect the unexpected is the quote this weekend.  We’ve have been told before they won’t expose MM but who knows for sure as we get into the home…

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