Surley the whole Henry Cavill leaving soho house opening with Eastwood is innocent. But Sam seems to be milking it for all it’s worth. First the whorish yoga on the mat then in her stories she posts makeup app makeover like a teenager. And she posts leg of lamb roast, the same dish Henry said he tried to make by himself in the rake interview. She usually cooks one leaf of kale with avocado and cringed when she sees meat and chocolate so what gives? Watch out Henry these people have an agenda.

Okay, Henry didn’t look shocked but she was a hot mess, I thought she was prettier than that. 

I saw the yoga video,  the lifestyle guru, gee where have we seen that before? Originality is desperately needed on the internet. 

Thank you, anon 💙💙💙💙


Marcus the Consultant, right? Did Marcus consult Harry too? Lol

Right more like pimp what does he do anyway that he can afford to live in London and Toronto? Jet all over? I see him with A-listers Eddie Redmayne grocery shopping. What the hell, he was a waiter? Lot’s of questions there

thanks anon

PS: he was MIO boyfriend from us weekly