Hello It’s Brit. Yes I do think it could be Blackmail OR the usual RF smoke and mirrors. Ron Burkle is also implicated in the Epstein saga, he who owns Soho House, the hockey team etc. Markle is the common denominator: Burkle and prince Andrew and Trump.I’ve looked at the time lines. Court papers filed 20/06/16 Epstein and Trump= Harry and the whore met. 07/07/17 jury trial announced for Epstein to start 05/12/17

Hey Brit!  thanks for the info, this is good @iamstillskippy @felix2001a


Marcus the Consultant, right? Did Marcus consult Harry too? Lol

Right more like pimp what does he do anyway that he can afford to live in London and Toronto? Jet all over? I see him with A-listers Eddie Redmayne grocery shopping. What the hell, he was a waiter? Lot’s of questions there

thanks anon

PS: he was MIO boyfriend from us weekly