I have no doubt that the Queen will not be meddling in Harry’s choice of bride and there is no reason for him to give up his place in the line of succession. The only question about him marrying Meghan is if she is willing to give up a normal very well rounded existance in order to live in a gilded cage…and all for the love of Harry. She will gain nothing else. She has money, she has her philanthropic work, she has friends in acting and political circles. She would have to love Harry a lot to give her up her life for him. Unless Meghan asks him to choose between her and his duty (I doubt she ever would), he can have both…IF he can convince her now that she has seen a bit of what’s in store. It’s not just the trolls and the rags she will have to worry about. It’s also the Middletons and their envy. I think William finally drew the line and let them know he will side with his brother.

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This person has been hitting hard in the past weeks and I’ve thought she was part of her fandom, I think this may be Meghan herself. We had rough days and her fandom has dissipated from the boards, no more release of pictures off IG. Things are calm and settled

What do you think?


Minion alert

Be careful my friends, minions are out and commenting, actually campaigning for Sparkle. I’ve already spotted them on the mail. Why? to change public opinion or stir the pot more, if you are one, stop and tell her to stop and remain quiet. Unless, she doesn’t give dam about Prince Harry and only in it for the notoriety. Karma is very powerful, think before you post.

Sometimes I can’t follow what you write. Who in the blood hell is Eleanor? You know the Birdie123? I know that this account (birdie) was blocked on DM. Maybe that account wrotecthe truth. I do know people in LA that work with Trevor. Signed. Me, NYC

NYC, I liked to apologize for not being a good writer. Sometimes I get a little jumbled upstairs, fingers have a hard time. It’s better if I copy and paste. carpal tunnel

I didn’t write that comment, it’s from the mail, her name is Harriet, Toronto and the person replying may be one of MM minions or her. I don’t know about Eleanor.

 The birdie had some good insight, I thought.

Trevor looks like a nice man, I hope he’s okay.

You are welcome back anytime NYC if you want to chit chat, I’ll try to be better 

Is disgusting how some Harry fans are treating Meghan and just saying she is using the press and what not


Hi! Don’t worry, only the crazy and dumb ones are the ones who are calling Meghan names. I fail to see what she did to be called “attention whore” like dude she did everything she was supossed to: kept her “normal” life, not commenting about her personal life, remained quiet and discreet and kept going to her job so I don’t know what else those haters expected from her.

I guess they can’t stand the idea that Harry is not going to be single anymore so in their minds I suposse Meghan broke their fantasy, I don’t know.