Anon said: Prince Harry is a Bully

Anon said: Prince Harry is a Bully

It is ridiculous how Harry tries to bully everyone into liking Meghan. It won’t work. When you force people to like someone, you just dislike them even more. He’s so dumb, spoiled and arrogant but I guess he was always like that and now with Meghan by his side, we finally see the real him.

Yep! Agreed! Harry the PR myth

What do we know? Meghan bitched until he lashed…

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Anon said: Prince Harry is a Bully

It is ridiculous how Harry tries to bully everyone into liking Meghan. It won’t work. When you force people to like someone, you just dislike them even more. He’s so dumb, spoiled and arrogant but I guess he was always like that and now with Meghan by his side, we finally see the real him.

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Yep! Agreed! Harry the PR myth

What do we know? Meghan bitched until he lashed out and said, What Meghan wants Meghan gets.  Of course, that Tiara was off-limits and so was Windsor Castle.  I’m not sticking all the blame on Meghan but there is something called free will and Harry has none.  He’s a grown man capable of making his own decisions. This dreadful decision must lie firmly in his lap.


Prince William and Harry’s friends warned him, the blogs who loved him warned him and it fell on death ears, whoah is me, Harry. We told you Meghan was going to screw you over. No Milk for free mate!  Guess what Harry, the nightmare has just begun for you. You are about to be sucked dry mentally, physically and financially as she takes you away from those mean people to LA!  Where she will sue you in the California court system for alimony and child support.  Guess who pays? Prince Charles because he supports your lifestyle, and he will come under audit. That means the taxpayers of the UK.  People said No no no she can’t, oh yes they can and will.  What a grift!


It’s all speculation of course until it happens like the insider said Meghan is smarter than all of them combined.  They can’t say they didn’t see it coming.  Meghan Markle will be known as the woman that took down the Monarchy.  It’s in the cards and that’s the chatter I’m hearing. October is going to be a rough month for everyone.


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Enty Reveals ~ Scotland Yard/Kevin Spacey/ Prince Andrew

Blind Items Revealed #1

July 8, 2019

Apparently some of the recent interview between this famous police agency and the disgraced actor dealt with two underage residents of that country who had nothing to do with the actor, but everything to do with a royal who was present at the same time as the actor when it happened.

Scotland Yard/Kevin Spacey/Prince Andrew

Who are those faves, huh?

Nancy Pelosi’s daughter went on Twitter to tell the public that some of our faves will go down BIGLY! Ladies and gentlemen, ask yourselves, who are those “their faves”?


Huh? Hint: Nope, it not President Trump. He is not “their fave”. Never was, by the way. (He was not even a politician back then) …..


Right! It’s Madam Cyber Hack Golden Mo Mo and her hubby Baba Bill. “I didn’t have my own jet. I used someone else’s private jet …

” Right. Whose jet could it be? The answer is obvious now.


Christine Pelosi knows that Dems has a lot to worry about. A lot more than Reps. Their faves were involved in one of the most dirtiest scandals in US history.


If Madam Cyber Hack Golden Mo Mo won the election, we won’t hear about this case anymore. That’s for sure. Dems knew if Trump wins, the case will be revisited. He made it clear in his interview with Fox in 2015. Nancy Pelosi was in Washington for decades. She will have a hard time to claim that she never heard a thing. Just like people don’t believe Oprah heard nothing about Uncle Harvey’s closet life.


Hill and Bill are so arrogant, and it’s going to fun to see them in cuffs, allegedly of course 🙄


I loved that you brought up Lady Oprah, she’s not above the law either!



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Petty minded

So even though Shout is a joint project of the DoC and the stage-managed Slutsex crew Megsy only authorized a pic of Her and the puppet. As if those two really do work of substance. And then because Megsy had too much pink water, the pic had to be edited 3 times and changed. See 8-year-olds are managing that account. They are proving what we have been saying. They can’t even manage an IG account, but there is a child they are raising. Dear Lord help this poor tyke.

So W and K have not yet seen the baby well who can blame them for keeping their distance. Momma Megsy spread a rumor with the help of her buddy Lainey that hurt W K and their children.

Everything with this couple is suspicious, so of course, people come up with wild conspiracy theories. Harry and Meghan fan those suspicions with their juvenile behavior.

It remains that there is something so off here with this whole saga. The stink of deception is all about.

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I agree the truth shall set you free are words to live by. This is the reason for all the speculation. Taxpayers have the right to know as their privileged lives are allowed by the people. Something the Sussex’s having quite got that in their head. They can’t pick and choose when they want the press or not.

Media Meg courted the press and for that matter so did Harry, the duo flung hurtful rants at the older citizens, and that also meant the press that tailgate them on their charity endeavors.

That poor baby is correct! I’m having deja vu, sort of PTSD, that Harry suffered unbearable abuse by the war of the Wales. Regardless of the insensitive remarks, this is a breathing baby, a gift from God regardless of its delivery into this world.

Even me, Meghan”s branded troll is asking for people to stop calling the baby fake and the mother is going to prison.  The sugars have to stop ranting at William because it’s not his fault that the Sussex’s chose not to have the baby titled.  We must accept the things we can not change.

Thank you anon, I enjoyed our chat! 🌸🌸😎

Anonymous said: Lolly at what we are getting this week

Lolly at what we are getting this week in Phoenix tv, a royal baby special. Lol, channel 15, Sonoran living.
Let’s look at some links, and this should be fun.

Reportedly, means they don’t know, and paps are camped, there would be pics and who cares if she is Oprah friend

Even though the palace came out with its speculation

For weeks, the British media has been filled with mostly-unfounded rumors and “tips” by anonymous sources about the manner in which Prince Harry’s wife is experiencing the final moments of her pregnancy:

  • That she is capricious and extremely demanding with her staff
  • That she has decided to have the baby at home
  • That she is breaking all the royal rules concerning the birth of royal babies.

It has become a challenge to sort out the truth from the fake.

Okay, Pierce is still going strong on Social Climber Meg, we approve! lol

Talking of open letter that’s smart and snarky about pregnancy, it really sucks after you give birth, but this is the Royal photo call that the people want and like.

Suck it, princess, you signed up for the job and since when is Meghan Markle camera shy?  Something is wrong, and as the world can see, they are using a surrogate.  Knock the shit off and grow up, praise the mother who carried the sprout being the ridiculously strong feminist yachter that you are. 🙄

Today the due date, poop the child out already, we are aging over here for goodness sake.

Nothing else to write about

Didn’t we see Zara heavily pregnant to greet HM? Go to the wedding of the Frogmore’s? It’s church and HM birthday! 

You get the picture, lots of speculation and no baby, no Doria. Hey! We did get a blind item that a palace employee is shopping for a house in LA with a 10million dollar range. That one I believe, and it won’t be for Harry.  

Thank you anon, Happy Easter Monday! 🌸😎🐰


Just Jared ~ Prince Harry & Prince William “Didn’t Speak” at Easter Sunday Service

Thank you culianry1604,  Prince Harry doesn’t usually do Easter Service when he was single.  It is time for William and Kate to be in the forefront while Harry can now take the back seat.  The recent “moving to Africa” narrative is purely speculation as stated from the palace.


Anonymous said:Yikes, why would they want to martyr Meghan and Harry by exiling them?

Yikes, why would they want to martyr Meghan and Harry by exiling them? The optics are such that William (and by extension, Kate) look petty and small. This isn’t coming off as a power move at all.
It’s speculation, and the Express article does make William and Kate out to be the bad guys once again.  Don’t give it any attention, when I came home last night and saw that, UGH!  I’ve said there is something brewing it would be around the time that something like this reared its head.
We have to wait because the shit show changes all the time. How else was MM going to get any press while on maternity leave?  She likes to shock people.
The blind is much more interesting then Harry and MM move to Africa.  Maybe MM will move to LA and Harry will stay safely in the UK where he belongs. I would expect him to go to Africa where he loves to do his job with Sentebale and work on Elephant relocation.  Not for years, no way.
Thank you anon, 🌸😎🐰✡