Two Royal Family Channels- say it ain’t so ??

This channel doesn’t have Meg.


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Okay, so ITN has two Royal family channels and I thought it was sanctioned by the Royal Family, turns out they are not.  There isn’t anything wrong because I had them sticky on the front page for over a year. It’s a good way to see your favorite royal. I was thinking that since MM had bowed out of the Royal family why should she be seen on any royal channel.


I got to listen to more of her ridiculous speech about ME Again, it’s the same old shit she served up plus the domestic terrorist group Black Lives Matter. Has Meghan not watched anything on Twitter?  Arson, looting, murder, and vandalism.  Doesn’t she have RPO for protection?


Dear Meg, Your RPO is a cop, why don’t we defund him. Then you can call a social worker like the rest of us.  You make it hard to like you.

Blind Gossip – Meghan Markle

In these days where everything feels overwhelming and upside down, we can sometimes take comfort in the words of great thinkers and great leaders.

This TV actress made a speech designed to empower young people.

Her heartfelt words will linger on in our minds as the perfect example of how she is the definitive shining beacon of truth and unity in these troubled times.

So, whose inspirational words did she choose to bring us all together?

Abraham Lincoln?

Mahatma Gandhi?

Martin Luther King Jr.?

Actually, she did not mention the source of the sound bite that made headlines the following day, so they must have been her own brilliant thoughts, right?


They came from a script.

An episode of Grey’s Anatomy, to be precise.

No, we are not kidding.

Hey, she’s an actress! It’s all scripts and rehearsals for her. If you thought otherwise, you might be a little naive.

Sort of like her husband.



‘No Other Option’ But To Step Back From Royal Duties, Prince Harry Says In Speech’

This is from the Daily Mail

Prince Harry expressed “great sadness” Sunday evening in his first public statement since Buckingham Palace announced he and his wife, Meghan, would give up their royal titles and would not represent the Queen as working members of the Royal Family.”

  • Sources say the couple hope to make their fortune with a film and television production company – and Netflix have already said they would work with them.
  • Friends say the couple will be ‘forever grateful’ to the Queen for thinking ‘outside the box’ and have promised they will not bring the Royal Family into disrepute through any ‘dodgy deals’;
  • The Queen said she wanted Harry and Meghan to keep Frogmore Cottage as she feared they could leave the UK – and her family – forever otherwise. They then agreed to pay back the £2.4 million of taxpayers’ money spent on it;
  • Royal officials agreed to let the couple keep their HRH titles as they feared if they were stripped of them they would have to curtsey to Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie;
  • Harry was said to be ‘deeply upset’ at losing his role as a Commonwealth Youth Ambassador, but was persuaded he could still undertake meaningful work with the ‘family of nations’;
  • Negotiations over the ‘exit package’ have brought Harry and his estranged brother, William, closer than they have been ‘for more than a year’, sources claim;
  • Prince Charles is said to be saddened by what has happened but believes that if his son is going to be happier abroad, then seeing less of him and his grandson, Archie, is a price he will have to pay;
  • A host of further details have yet to be ironed out, such as the cost of security and who is paying for it – and whether Meghan will be allowed to call herself a ‘royal patron’ of institutions such as the National Theatre.
  • Prince Andrew accompanied the Queen to church in Sandringham as his position in the line of succession was strengthened by Harry’s decision to step back from royal duties;

It comes after last night’s statement from the Queen that Harry and Meghan will ‘not use their HRH titles’, as they look to forge a new life in North America.

As well as returning the £2.4 million spent on a lavish refurbishment of Frogmore Cottage, they will pay a commercial rent – estimated at up to £360,000 a year – to retain it as their British home.

The Duke of Sussex added: ‘What I want to make clear is we’re not walking away and we certainly aren’t walking away from you.

What a jackass! Get out of here with that horse shit!  Going on, go! Is he 🤬ing serious?