Hi JD, you don’t have to post this, just wanted to say that picture of the girl with the horrible face is called by some ‘Momo’, and it’s part of a horror meme. But for some it’s very scary and can trigger attacks.. thank you very much for reading the concerns, it’s very much appreciated ❤️



Your welcome and if you tell me I wouldn’t have known about it so thank you back. I’m not big on horror unless you want my nails dug into your hand or leg. 

We are moving into maturity as bloggers, and we value your input. @chasing-felix @vintagebutterfly1975  we discussed in length.  We still want to have fun yuck it up, but we don’t want to lie to you either. I know we can be offensive to some people, but we’re asking anon to have some decorum when sending in asks. 

What we don’t want and will delete is any kind of racism, chill down on the WHORE, Prostitute (yachting is the word to use), idiot comments. Use your noodle when sending in opinions.  Be creative. 

Markle is going to be here a while, truth 

We do love you all, and new bloggers can find all our stuff in my archives. 

Thank you for your ask  🌴🍹🍹🍹🍹🍹🌴

Thank you anon for the submission and great answer @jerseydeanne We don’t tolerate racism so don’t bother posting because it won’t get published on these blogs. As we all know MM is going to be here for a long while so let’s get use to it and laugh as she doesn’t disappoint us in making a fool out of herself at these events.

This is perfect @chasing-felix , thank you 💖💖💖