NY Post: Stormy Daniels admits She never had sex with Trump!

NY Post: Stormy Daniels admits She never had sex with Trump!


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No wonder

No wonder CNN is falling apart. NYT doesn’t want to face the same destiny. Just think about this. If CNN and MSNBC promoted such a creep and criminal as Michael Avenatti who jumped from show to show on a daily basis, they deserve to go out of business. Just think about this. He stole the money from his former client Stormy so that he could afford his lavish lifestyle! What decent lawyer could do such a thing?

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They took him on because of Stormy Daniels, and he was nothing but ambulance chaser!  This guy had the balls to blackmail Nike, what did he think they were going to do?

The left was so desperate to pin anything on Trump they never bothered to check the sources if the information was actually correct, to begin with.  Touche to NYT for pulling away from that mess.  I think more publication will do the same. Time to write the news not read Publicist copy with agenda for their clients.

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Oh my

Embattled attorney Michael Avenatti was charged by federal prosecutors in New York Wednesday with defrauding adult-film star Stormy Daniels, the client who propelled Avenatti into the national spotlight. —— You are right, JD. It’s like I am watching some bad movie. The further, the scarier.


Can you believe this stuff, I have goosebumps! All of this was following the links, follow the people, and it is so much bigger then I could have ever imaged.

Still, the left is just lying so terribly it’s embarrassing. Joe Biden throws his hat in they already annihilated him, and now they are kissing Bernie Sanders ass with socialism! Yep, you heard me, and the millennial kids want socialism. These poor deluded kids think this stuff doesn’t grow on trees, and everybody makes the same and is told where and when to work.  You will have no voice, and we will end up like Communist countries.  We will be ripe for the picking.

The Coupe against a sitting president, thank God he is strong anyone else would crumble.

This is the Shit show to watch, and I think we should steer the ship (blog) for drama in that direction.  The Dynamic Duo will be called upon in due time. They are part of the global shit show.

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