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Thomas – Meghan Article

Glad the comments have been turned on finally. Says a lot when people are stopped from sharing their opinion. The other stories about MM have been used by people to state how distasteful and devious MM is.

It’s very odd all the top comments are slating her father… yet on the other articles comments are 99% utter disdain for MM and her constant bad choices to court the press.

That letter was written to be seen by the press, and she has used her friends to push her father to make sure its seen. She just seems obsessed with controlling how the public views her and she doesn’t care who she hurts to make herself look good.

Thank you, Gemini! 🌸😎💋


Submission: MM belly button

silicone fake pregnant

Hi JD, I live in Spain, and I see this image of MM in her green dress and her navel is very sunken, when the opposite happens in a pregnant woman. I send you pictures of her from her trip to Italy 2016 and now, so you can look and compare … Look at the navel of silicone pregnancies and it looks like MM. It seems that the navel is silicone, very sunken…..

Looking and observing carefully the photo of the green dress, from the pelvis to the navel, you can see perfectly a fold of fat, that would not happen in a pregnancy, since the skin stretches evenly and there are no folds. … Thanks Regards

Green dress:

Italy 2016:

Meghan Markle con 'clutch' de Dior -  Viaje oficial a Australia, Nueva Zelanda, Fiji y Tonga

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Just a notice. The Queen is well aware that the RF holds because she is alive. If you notice well off tumblr, the English are really happy that Will & Kate will become King and Queen. I have a lot of respect for Charles’s work. 4 months ago in France there was a hard documentary France 2 about Charles. The collaborators of Charles, who all speak French, have always insisted that Charles is well aware of his status, when Charles will mount on the throne his goal is to modernize the RF and prepare the reign of William. The Queen is well aware that William holds the survival of the RF. That’s why the Queen is happy to have Catherine as a beautiful little girl. @anonymoushouseplantfan had made a post on the positive impact of Catherine on the bourgeoisie who does not have blue blood but they are successful by the value of work.

That’s why the RF distances themselves from Harry, they can not afford to lose everything because of Harry’s immaturity and lack of reflection.

Thank you MTW 🌸🌸😎

Soho Anon

about why they allowed it: 1) they knew about the things that got out 2) the optics was really horrible – they honestly could have gotten away with it had Meghan not made all the appearances and merching and the Vanity Fair article. 3) They took a gamble, because they thought Harry and Meghan would bring in a huge draw of tourists and spike up the interest in the royal family once more. They thought they could somehow still control it though it was too late. Yes, we’ll let you marry her, but you have to keep it nice and royal. They got the wrong end of the bargain.

P.S Remember that letter confirming the relationship and Harry asking for privacy? Back then, the agreement was for him to let her be the girlfriend. Marriage was never in the loop.

Okay, I wonder about all those lawyers the week of the wedding??  They offered her money and house to go away, she insisted on the wedding. 

Thank you  Soho anon 

I think, this is important for everyone to read.

Hello JD! I asked Skippy to post it on her blog too. There is a very good and balanced article in the NY Times today. It’s not even about politics. It’s a lesson how easily we can lose our credibility. There are “social justice worriers” out there that are ready to do anything and everything possible and impossible to reach their goal. As much as I want to believe and actually believe Dr. Ford, I have to admit that the Svetnick story is a total nonsense.  Never mind she totally changed her story on the show. She actually was at that party multiple times. Does everyone actually believe that a woman in her right mind went back to the party a few times where drunk and dragged women were sexually attacked on a regular basis? No one ever reported it?  That’s absurd!! If The#MeToo movement wants to be a creditable source, they MUST be very careful about such stories. Unfortunately, this situation cannot be undone. I found this article is very truthful. JD, I would appreciate if you post it on your blog for everyone to read.

“When the votes have been counted, and Brett Kavanaugh has been confirmed to serve on the Supreme Court, one conclusion will be clear: No one won.

One wonders how Brett Kavanaugh would now answer the following question: If you had it to do over again, would you rather never have been nominated, not having been accused of serious sex crimes, and continue to serve on the D.C. Circuit? Or would you do it all over again, knowing the outcome? I don’t know how he would answer the question, but it would not be self-evident.

Clarence Thomas has served on the Supreme Court after a bruising confirmation fight, but the accusations against him were far less serious than those directed against Kavanaugh. Despite his narrow confirmation victory, he did not win: his reputation remains in tatters, and he will probably not be allowed to continue to teach at Harvard.

The same question could be put to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford: knowing what she now knows, would she have gone public with her accusations and endured the scorn, mockery, and attacks, including from President Donald Trump. I suspect her answer would be yes, despite the fact that she did not succeed in defeating Kavanaugh’s nomination. But one cannot be certain, especially in light of the fact that she did not intend for these accusations to become public, until it became clear to her that the media was on to the story. So she didn’t win.

The Democratic Senators, many of whom came out against the nomination as soon as it was made, but then doubled down following the sexual accusations, came off looking partisan, petty and oblivious to the civil liberties and due process considerations at stake in this case. They did not win.

The Republication Senators seemed desperate to rush the case to a vote in order to sit Kavanaugh on the Court before the mid-term elections. They appeared to be more interested in political gain than truth, and their decision to hire a Special Counsel to question the witnesses backfired badly both legally and politically. Despite the narrow vote in support of the nomination, the Republicans did not win.

The ACLU has lost whatever shred of credibility it still had, following its abandonment of its principles in the interest of funding from leftists who couldn’t care less about neutral civil liberties. Its insistence that suspicion of sexual wrongdoing was enough in the confirmation battle to put it on the wrong side of our basic rights. The ACLU has won financially but has lost its way.

The media, as has become typical, divided into roaring camps, one of which argued that Kavanaugh could do no wrong, while the other argued that he could do no right. A handful of journalists reflected the complexity and nuance of the situation facing the senate, but they were rare. Much of the media lost its credibility.

Another big loser is the #MeToo movement, some of whose leaders have overstated its case by denying the possibility that some women willfully lie in a calculated manner in order to gain material benefits including money, fame and revenge. Michael Avenatti’s decision to publicize the highly questionable claims of gang rape made by his client, Julie Swetnick, has done enormous damage to the movement. There is no compelling evidence that Swetnick—who is two years older than Kavanaugh, lived in a different neighborhood and travelled in different social circles – ever even laid eyes on Kavanaugh. She blatantly contradicted her sworn statement in a television interview in which she changed the facts dramatically.

It is certainly possible, though we may never know, that she simply made up the story of whole cloth. Yet radical #MeToo’ers have demanded that we accord her the same credibility that we appropriately afforded Professor Ford because “survivors don’t lie.” Some of course do. Some are not survivors at all. Others may have survived sex assaults but not by the person they accuse. There is no sex-linked gene for telling the truth or lying. The credibility of the #MeToo movement has suffered a loss.

But the biggest losers were, of course, the American people and the future of the nomination and confirmation processes as spelled out in our Constitution. The Framers never intended this kind of a media circus with partisanship trumping principle. The upshot will be that fewer qualified candidates will allow their names to be put forward, if they know that by doing so their high school actions will be examined, their yearbook entries scrutinized and their reputations subjected to search and destroy missions. This means that we have all lost.

So what have we learned from this debacle? That the process of nominating and confirming justices has become flawed beyond immediate repair. We need to change the process. I recommend that the executive, legislative and judicial branches appoint a blue ribbon commission to look into new ways, consistent with the broad outlines of the Constitution, to nominate and confirm judges, especially justices. More investigation should be done before the nomination is made, and a process for ongoing and discreet investigation should be established to assure there are few surprises. The system will never be perfect, but we can do better. Everybody lost this time. We must not repeat our mistakes.”

I love this,

 We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

Those words should be held dearly with respect.  This has been an abomination of our constitution.  The recent events on all sides should hang their heads in shame. 

I agree with you, who wants to be in that position. They make an eagle scout look bad. 

This is the problem, no regulation in PR, that’s right, they write your news for you folks. They are allowed to use what is called black PR, they are vicious and not accountable.  The government doesn’t want to regulate because they need them during elections. special interest billionaires fund radical groups.  They step aside while we tear one another apart. They are ruining countries for what? greed and power. It’s happening everywhere. 

Good people can’t find their way to the top to lead us. 

Thank you anon for taking the time to write this. 🌸🌸😎

US Magazine Don’t Click, please

we are at the point now where you can smell the desperation of Markle.  Or she is making a big push to get that guaranteed sponsor.

This USW article – don’t click, please!  When Megsy’s clicks get low they start pairing her with Kate to get the clicks back up.  And here we see Megsy being paired with Kate.  So her click power is ebbing LOL!  Or they are looking for more.

It is funny cause some had suggested she wore green deliberately cause Kate wore green and I thought nah.  But maybe or else it is just opportunistic.  

But you see what this is all about?  Making money getting those brand sponsors.   LOL – Cinderella did not merch.  This ain’t no fairy tale it is all about cold hard cash. 

Thank you, love, for the information  💖💖💖💖💖 

MM blatant marching

And Megsy is merching like crazy not even discrete anymore.  They usually hide the selling in a story about Meg and Harry, but now it is pure “make me money” selling.  The handbag and necklace from the Sussex engagement.  In People which apparently is now  QVC.  Selling all the time.  BTW this is one of the income streams for these magazines.  As I have explained before they get a % of any sales which they share with Megsy.  Markle also gets paid for the use of her name in what is a blatant sales pitch.

Ah, but you know this is a fairy tale love story.  LOL.  

MM did have her name branded, kuwtbd, found it, I posted it here, she did this back in Feb 2017 Livit Legales.  See how plan out this was?  What love is saying is true, MM is doing it in the open, and nobody is going to stop her.  Have they done anything so far? Nope. 

Thank you, love, great research! 💖💖💖💖

The Express, blame it on the fans

An article in the Express (Megsy outlet) about jealous Kate and Meghna fans attacking each other on twitter.  Victoria Arbiter is the source.

Ms Arbiter noted the behaviour was ironic as both young Royal are involved with anti-bullying charities.

Jd does her very best Wilma and Betty laugh 😺

When did MM have anything to do with the bullying campaign? 

The Cambridge fans have been pretty darn patient, and yes, they do love Kate and William. 

What they are getting wrong is there a group of random people doing this. Real royal bloggers don’t do that sort of thing.  Comments are kept on site they don’t attack reporters. 

It’s a crock of crap that they are warm and cozy, whatever reporters. Have you seen the warm and cuddly? 

The express is an MM PR outlet. 

Thank you love 💖💖💖

Is Mad Meg Jealous, she must be racist

One of MM’s media outlets today had an article about how marvelous Mad Meg would be in AUS and then of course took a hit at Kate and said that Kate has “stumbled across the beach in her wedgies”.  Here are the pics – Kate did not stumble across the beach as usual she was impeccable and ran securely across the beach in her wedgies.

Mad Meg is jealous of Kate and so has to attack her in her media.  I expect this to get worse.  Let’s remember Kate is the woman who walked down a flight of airline stairs holding a two yr old and then when George acted up a bit she crouched down still holding the 2 yr old and quietly calmed George all while wearing high heels.  She is a marvel.  

Mad Meg on the other hand can barely walk in her oversized shoes.  If anyone stumbles it will be jealous Markle.🤡🤡🤡

Thanks for this, it’s perfect! 💖💖💖💖

stay strong lioness , i love you ,harry needs you

hi jd ,hope you stay strong here to support harry until his mental chaos is over because i love your blog around this new trend harry hating .I’m aware of harry’s jerkness about bringing meghan in Brf , maybe he is  really in  love with her ,wants a family with her but she uses him but real fandom is sure for his ginger hearts purity as much as we know meghan bitch will go away tail between her legs .we love him anyway and harry will be stronger and better use his mind about to think which people try to use him for their benefits . Meghan can’t harm anyone  just fills her empty pockes a bit but Who is meg ? what can she gain from harry or BRF ? no more than a child and become next fergie thats all .She will be that old d list who is penniless  without little alimoney from her second husband harry while looking for third husband at SOHO #ironicdrama . who is meg indeed ? heir’s mother diana ? or a rich bussiness woman who doesn’t need her ex husband alimoney?  if even meghan couldn’t trust herself about her career in the future and made those plans to get allimony/custody from harry until she marries someone as third again i can only say she knows that she isn’t smart  or can’t be a bussiness woman to effort her a rich life without a hubby and other thing ,

let’s say with meghan or not , harry was lazy ,jobless living full luxury but we know william or kate hasn’t had a job  (not part time few hours at week at air ambulance service , ah haha now just remembered that waity kaity doesn’t think career other than william jokes back to 2000s  hmmm W&K laziness sometimes LOL) so please don’t bring to table that  they are future king queen blabbs , even 92 years old Queen and the 67 years old heir prince charles work harder than william and kate you can also compare W&K to Charles &Diana or Phlipp &Elizabeth ’s work counts at their own newley married years -around 1980 included dianas pregnancies -You say william is not the their yet so focused on his little family with kate but can already enjoy extra perks before becoming the king more than charles &queen ? don’t behave like harry is lazy but william and kate are hardworker cute chumpkins here . I mean if you that much care public money for royals then try REPUBLIC but not try to pretend like all BRF members except of harry are hardworker saints which their only wish is to held up UK’s honor . I love w&k decent family life but harry &william &kate trio living fucking royal life sometimes they too sucks and make scandals , in details even more . just check DM archives with words “william ,kate ,lux, kate’s servants , extra rooms at KP , holiday ,party ,island ,couture etc “you will see it  they enjoy /abuse royalty more than HM the Queen Elizabeth  lol – yes maybe Kate was rich from her family and has a money source from middletons but without Brf she hasn’t got that wealth to fly with personal Boeing 787 private jet ( $300 Million dreamliner babe belongs to the goverment ) around the world for expensive holidays with william  sure so kate’s currently lux life’s source = comes from being BRF member too, not being a middleton then anyway or let’s say harry brought shame near BRF’s name but don’t forget sister in law kate’s underwear or nude breasts at honeymoon  scandals (paps yass know too)  we all here love kate but from an outside public eye , it was a shameful shock at that time to witness that after reigner Queen Elizabeth , a consort future queen’s topless / with wrong thong seems nude ass got flashed publicily and william last year got catched while dancing with a woman as thouching her back whispiring each other’s ears .ya ya i know harry’s las vegas scandal too but you always say harry is not the heir so a single spare’s scandal to kate as future consort queen scandal and future king married william dancing getting close with another woman at a dance club  , is not equal here .They all enjoy /abuse perks and make scandals again guys ! and Harry is just in a fucking depression currently . He has married a manipulative whore and bringed her jerk mother doria to official engagements too and living himself in a delusional harry lives happy after with lovely american wife fairytale and spends pounds for a fraud . i know i really know all story but this is Monarchy system . Harry is a royal meghan is his wife we accept or not  she can spend charles proprietary dutchy money at the condition if charles accepts to paid for her . You can try REPUBLIC because only the Queen Elizabeth is boss here and she wants harry to stay in the family and now i want   GOD SAVE THE QUEEN ♪ 🇬🇧 from harry is coming here 

god save the queen gif ile ilgili görsel sonucu 

god save the queen gif ile ilgili görsel sonucu

and ALL HAIL HM THE QUEEN ELIZABETH II  👑💂⚔💂⚔ 💂⚔ 💂⚔💂⚔ 💂⚔💂⚔

queen hand wave gif ile ilgili görsel sonucu

well , she believes in harry and won’t leave her beloved grandson cz of his fail as you wish for . harry is here to stay , public loves him .you hate or not 

queen harry boom gif ile ilgili görsel sonucu

 some of those bloggers JD actually take this Harry shame campaign- very TOO MUCH- far way PERSONALLY lol . They don’t critize him but have this noneless hate towards him without a reason  so I suspect that those extreme haters actually though that they are FD and their virtual Husband Harry now cheated them with Meghan and Meghan enjoy all perks they would have got lmao they  want virulent karma against harry for marrying meghan / not marrying them lol so these secret fans don’t hate harry for spending abusing taxpayers -cz again w&k doing this too at different times – / public money or bringing shame to BRF honor –again w&k or other members doing this  .They just are delusional about their failed chance to bag prince and become feminist ohh sorry i meant princess 😂  and  it’s funny , many harry hater bloggers are also foreign , not british (or not from canada /australia or other kingdom countries etc ) and idk how it happened they’ve linked thremselves up to BRF money with harry’s spends on his -ugly slut- duchess wife too seriously . Hi ,we call this Monarchy abusing money/their title not new ding ding i don’t say it is right  but system game has been this since medieval for any member in the family so If you want live meghan slut duchess ’s cream life you get a better work or keep your ass harder for finding another duke 😂 but don’t hate harry for him married meghan bitch instead of you . Harry is not your missed rich husband or lost tiara in your crazy minds and yes meghan is now at an unfair place but she will be gone out of there and Harry will stay here as UK’s beloved Prince and in time he will be cherished by public again . This is his lesson . Just shut up and let’s see .stop behaving like harry is the sin goat and JD  i’ ve catched the thing that all extreme haters reblog all FD predictions from different tarot bloggers to their blog so quickly and send each other stupid posts hinting their own lives  that indirectly asking about if FD has another rich husband options 😂 

I mean They hate harry but adore FD person but as a jerk spare’s wife ? sure absolutely sure ,they love FD  for her decent character not for being them as possible fd in their crazy minds as next cat to enjoy cream lol and some of them are married god forbid gosh .JD never give up to protect harry against his crazy secret FD fans .

fangirling dean gif ile ilgili görsel sonucu

You give him the most support from your lioness heart like his mom ♌👑💕, love you JD 💋💖😘💖💖💖💖

lioness  cubs gif ile ilgili görsel sonucu