Sparkles Nephew Arrested!!

Sparkles Nephew Arrested!!


Anon submitted: Schiff lied on CNN

Brit Hume is not necessarily a Trump supporter. He simply pointed out that Schiff lied when he went on CNN and was asked if he had any advanced knowledge of the complaint. Schiff replied, “We have not spoken directly with the whistleblower.”


Brit Hume is one the last of real reporters that don’t show much bias. Schiff did lie, now he must pay the consequences. Everything that he has submitted to congress will and shall be under scrutiny.

BINGO we are almost home. I can’t wait to see how they will spin this one.

I appreciate your anon. Thank you for sharing this.  🌸😎🥰

Banana f*king Republic!

BREAKING: Anti-Trump Whistleblower Colluded With House Democrats Before Filing Complaint

The anti-Trump whistleblower and his CIA colleagues actively colluded with House Democrats before filing a complaint with the inspector general.

Sean Davis


Sean Davis

OCTOBER 2, 2019

An anti-Trump whistleblower at the center of ongoing Democratic efforts to impeach President Donald Trump coordinated with Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., and his Democratic staff prior to filing his whistleblower complaint, The New York Times reported on Wednesday afternoon. The bombshell report that the whistleblower and his Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) colleagues actively worked exclusively with congressional Democrats before filing the complaint raises serious questions about whether the complainant followed federal laws providing whistleblower protections for employees within the U.S. intelligence community.

“Before going to Congress, the C.I.A. officer had a colleague convey his accusations to the agency’s top lawyer,” The New York Times reported. “Concerned about how that avenue for airing his allegations was unfolding, the officer then approached a House Intelligence Committee aide, alerting him to the accusation against Mr. Trump.”

The New York Times noted that the anti-Trump complainant only notified the committee’s Democrats of his allegations.

“The whistle-blower’s decision to offer what amounted to an early warning to the intelligence committee’s Democrats is also sure to thrust Mr. Schiff even more forcefully into the center of the controversy,” The New York Times wrote.

Under federal law, whistleblowers within the intelligence community are required to report any allegations of wrongdoing to the Intelligence Community Inspector General (ICIG) in order to receive statutory whistleblower protections for their disclosures. The law does not provide any protections to employees or contractors who bypass the process required by law and go directly to Congress, nor does it provide any avenue to disclose classified information to Congress without first going through the ICIG. If the complainant or a colleague leaked classified information to Schiff or his committee, those individuals could be subject to criminal liability for illegal and unauthorized disclosure of classified information.

“The employee may contact the intelligence committees directly [after filing a complaint with the inspector general] if the employee…before making such a contact, furnishes to the Director, through the Inspector General, a statement of the employee’s complaint or information and notice of the employee’s intent to contact the intelligence committees directly…and obtains and follows from the Director, through the Inspector General, direction on how to contact the intelligence committees in accordance with appropriate security practices,” the federal whistleblower law, known as the Intelligence Community Whistleblower Protection Act, or ICWPA, states.

The full anti-Trump complaint, which was declassified by the president and released on September 25, included no first-hand evidence of wrongdoing by the president. Instead, it offered a litany of second-hand allegations, gossip, and hearsay, much of which was shown to be false when compared to the actual transcript of the July 25 phone call between Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymr Zelensky.

As The Federalist first reported last week, the ICIG changed its internal rules and guidance regarding whistleblower complaints to eliminate a requirement that the complaints contain first-hand information. The ICIG confirmed that reporting on Monday when it admitted it had altered its forms and procedures after the anti-Trump complaint was filed with the ICIG.

Top lawmakers in both the Senate and House sent letters to the ICIG earlier this week demanding to know precisely when the first-hand information required was discarded. Under the whistleblower law, the ICIG has near-total authority to determine how whistleblower evidence is weighed and ultimately whether complaints are considered credible.

The ICIG admitted in a September 13 letter to Congress that he never reviewed the transcript of the July 25 call before determining that the anti-Trump complaint “appear[ed] credible.”

“As part of its preliminary review, the ICIG did not request access to records of the President’s July 25, 2019, call with the Ukrainian President,” ICIG Michael Atkinson wrote.

Both the Director of National Intelligence and the Department of Justice Office of Legal Counsel determined that the complaint was statutorily deficient and did not qualify under the law as an “urgent concern” that needed to be provided to the relevant congressional oversight committees.

The communication between the whistleblower and House Democrats prior to the complaint’s filing also raises questions about whether Schiff and his committee staff coordinated with the ICIG regarding the watchdog’s whistleblower forms and guidance stating that first-hand information is required in order for the agency to properly investigate “urgent concern” complaints.

The new revelations that Schiff and his staff coordinated with the anti-Trump complainant and his colleagues prior to a formal whistleblower complaint also suggest Schiff was less than truthful about his interactions with the whistleblower. On August 28, nearly two weeks before the ICIG formally informed Congress of a pending “urgent concern” whistleblower complaint from an intel operative, Schiff tweeted allegations from the complaint without disclosing their source.

“Schiff was in on it, and he lied about it,” a congressional G.O.P. staffer told The Federalist. “This impeachment initiative has as much genuineness as a three dollar bill.”

Thank you anon that’s correct, and Dan Bongino went through this in his show today. 

It’s picking up steam, and still, the MSM refuses to report on this issue.

They are targeting Trump for not answering a question while the Finish President was standing there waiting for his turn. Trump decided he had enough and chastise the reporter. 

There is a lot of explaining to do on Schiff part, and IMO, he should before a committee and see how he likes that one. I bet that Schiff is the leaker since he has access to much Intell information.  Since the rules say, the whistleblower has no protection than bring them up before the inquisition committee.

The American people demand honesty from our leaders. 

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One of the Trump Haters is now admitting

One of Trump haters is now admitting that maybe Trump has been right? Correct. Barr and Durham got evidence. 


Yep, that’s right I did see this on Twitter. Carl is not a Trump fan in any way. It’s best to get out there before things go sideways with Durham and Barr. Save a tiny bit of credibility. 

In the event that Trump is impeached, he has the right to question his accusers in a court of law. It helps to be prepared with lots of signed affidavits. Just because they say you’re impeached you are allowed to mount a defense and be heard in front of the senate. Then it becomes a real trail that would catastrophic for the Democrats.  Hey, that’s what Rudy Giuliani is doing, how about them apples! He is allowed to do that for Pete’s sake.

I’m looking forward to fall edition to the American Inquisition. It keeps getting meaner by the day on the left. It’s fun when their story falls apart within days.

Always follow the Dan Bongino rule, wait 24 hours for the real story. 

Thank you anon,  🌸😎🥰

Democrat district for past 139 years lose district to Republicans

Democrat district for past 139 years lose district to Republicans

Not going to work!

Joe Biden’s presidential campaign requested in a letter on Sunday that major news networks not invite President Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani anymore, after Giuliani spent the morning on a series of talk shows aggressively highlighting what he called Biden’s apparently corrupt dealings in Ukraine and China.

The Biden campaign wrote to NBC News, CBS News, Fox News and CNN to voice “grave concern that you continue to book Rudy Giuliani on your air to spread false, debunked conspiracy theories on behalf of Donald Trump,” according to The Daily Beast, which first reported the existence of the letter.


If the Biden campaign staffers want to picture Rudy Giuliani as a crazy individual who doesn’t seem to know what he has been talking about, thats okay with me. BUT in this case, Joe and Hunter Bidens need to step up and explain to us how on the earth they made $1.5 billion in China. There are no idiots in the Chinese gov. who would have payed Hunter Biden such money only because his dad was VP at that time. Did Sleepy Joe sell the US technology to China? Last time I checked the Chinese friends had huge interest in buying/stealing the US technology. 


That’s rich but McCabe’s okay along with the other clowns, LOL. 

Rudy is a hot ticket to viewers! They are going to after America’s Mayor?! Rudy is a hero. 🤬 them. 

I guess the Biden’s are scared and they should be, they are traitors and corrupt humans.  Maybe Hunter would like to live on Rikers Island. 

The Biden’s have a tight to remain silent, I think they should shut up and call Hillary’s lawyer. 😹😹

Thank you anon, trump2020LandSlide🌸😎🥰

Hillary R[oosevelt] Clinton: Or, Channeling Eleanor and Franklin

Clinton was interviewed alongside her daughter Chelsea on “CBS Sunday Morning” this week, to promote “The Book of Gutsy Women.”

“I think she was one of the greatest Americans in our history,“ Hillary Clinton said of Eleanor. She highlighted Eleanor’s reaction to the affair in the book and discussed the personal parallels she saw between the two of them.

"Part of the reason that I admire Eleanor Roosevelt is the way she handled that, happening to her. And I say, look, when something happens in your marriage, as I know well, it can be gutsy to leave, it can be gutsy to stay,” she said. "I felt like I had learned so much from her that I wanted to share that with the reader.“AGAINST TRUMP

The documented affair between FDR and Lucy Mercer, whom Eleanor Roosevelt had hired as a social secretary, supposedly lasted at least a couple of years beginning in 1916. Historians said Eleanor learned about the infidelity in 1918 but agreed to stay with him on two conditions: he had to end the affair and could no longer sleep with his wife.

Clinton also discussed her personal feelings about her upset loss to President Trump in 2016 and used the venue to bash her former opponent, while throwing her support behind House Democrats’ formal impeachment inquiry.


Back in 2016. She is running, folks. 

Yep, I’m afraid so.

Kitty links did a post on the Messiah complex. That fits Hillary to a tee.  Killary is not above the law.

Barr begins a new Clinton email server probe.

After this stunt with the fake whistleblower, I think the gloves are really off. The patriots and Reps are going to nail her with the boomerang.  

Thank you anon, 🌸😎🥰

The most liberal publications across the country are realizing that the impeachment is going to cost Dems. The Dem. Party has reached the point of no return. Pelosi has two options. 1. Go ahead and impeach 2. Delay the vote as long as she can. Both options are bad. I say, “Go ahead and impeach already.“

We are going to run to the polls and vote for Trump.  It’s crazy the Dems are so stupid. Go for it, try to impeach, on what charges?

The Dems are accusing Trump of everything they did! It’s amazingly dangerous! This public situation with Mainstream media is nothing but lies, and when Trump is finally vindicated after we vote them all out. What are they going to then?

Always follow the Dan Bongino rule, wait 24 hours because it changes all the time. I’m a blogger, and the NYT, MSNBC, CNN are professionals?? Aren’t they supposed to be unbiased?

Thank you anon! Trump2020LandSlide 🌸😎🥰

Impeach the motherf@cker! 


This is what I’ve been doing for four hours, laughing. Who is running this shit show? Dumbo? 

When I meant Landslide, I wasn’t thinking tsunami.  We might end up winning everything back.  Wow! 

Thanks, Dems 💋💋💋💋 George just write the president a big check? 

Thank you anon, 🌸😎🥰

Dems f@cked everything up again

whistleblower complaint; chief congressional correspondent Mike Emanuel reports from Capitol Hill.

An unnamed Ukrainian official said that Kiev was not made aware that the U.S. suspended security funds until a month after President Trump’s call with his counterpart, Volodymyr Zelensky, which calls into question the whistleblower’s account and Democrats’ arguments that there was a quid pro quo for the aid.

The official told the New York Times that Zelensky’s government was unaware about the aid issue up until a month after Trump’s July 25 phone call where he discussed Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

The whistleblower complaint—citing U.S. officials—claimed that officials in Kiev were aware that the military aid could be in jeopardy in early August, but the whistleblower admitted to not knowing “how or when they learned of it.”

This is a disaster, the Dems clearly have an agenda to do whatever it takes to try to ruin this president. 

Unnamed sources aren’t going to cut anymore, a defendant has the right to confront his or her accuser. Hearsay is not apart of our judicial system.

NYT sucks, they are ruined for writing yellow journalism!  They should be known as tabloid news. 

You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig!  This part of the American Inquisition is the angry and delusional swamp! They are up for election in 2020, vote them out and let’s get things done! 

We need the drug bill passed, and the UMCA signed without any pork added!

Thank you anon, Trump2020Landslde 🌸😎🥰