Fox News reports on the leaks on the Jeffrey Epstein suicide and the witch hunt

Wait for the report before thinking strangulation.

An autopsy on the body of Jeffrey Epstein reveals the convicted sex offender had several broken bones in his neck, according to reports. Former assistant U.S. attorney Andrew McCarthy reacts to the investigation and details his new book ‘Ball of Collusion’ on the Russia probe. #FoxNews


Terrence K Williams – follow this guy on twitter!

I saw this yesterday, and I was laughing, but he does have a valid point! Suicide with the Clinton’s is no coincidence, and Terrence drives the point home!  Many have taken to call Hillary Killary!


The President liked it so much he retweeted it!


Is this Clinton’s go-to action to shut people up?  Twitter is #clintonbodycount  it’s becoming evident that anyone that gets close to Clinton’s commit suicide are they that boring and depressing?  Nah, they are paranoid people, it wouldn’t surprise me if they wiretap their friends. If they can do it to a sitting, duly elected President, when are you next on their list?


Be afraid, be very afraid!

But it’s not okay to say, Make America Great Again?

You are not above the law Killary!

I did not go to the island 26 times!

Epstein killed himself

Although, I said that he would kill himself or be killed for his knowledge. Which I think it was a hit, he was on suicide watch, what else are we going to think?


He should have been taken to Fort Knox! I’m worried for the girls who were brave enough to come forward.  Pedophiles beware, there are still 1 million documents, you may have postponed it, but I don’t think it’s going to end there.  At least I hope not.


The scum of the earth is resting well, and no doubt opened another bottle of 25k  wine to celebrate.  Ghislaine Maxwell is still walking the earth, and since she is the one that procured the girls for your disgusting acts, she is still in play.  If she sees an untimely accident, then we know the super-wealthy can get away with anything.  I do wonder how much money went into this distraction of late and the body count. Blood is not easily washed from one’s hands.


Rot in hell you prick!

Anon time! The Happy Hooker

so now Harry’s hooker tells the world that yoga in the morning heals the mind. Hey, Harry tell that to the 45 British vets who killed themselves this year. All they needed was some yoga in the morning and they would have been healed. I am so far beyond disgusted I do not have a word for it. The RF thinks her shit isn’t spilling all over them especially Harry? It is. His credibility is dust now. And they sent this bat shyte crazy fame whore on this tour.