Anon said: Could Meghan start TIG Blog again

Could Meghan start BLOGGING again? Duchess fuels speculation she is relaunching her Hollywood lifestyle website The Tig after her business manager filed to keep the trademark until 2021

Sure, why not, who’s going to stop her? Meghan does what she wants when she wants, and no one is going to stop her.  Nobody has so far, and she isn’t buying into the subservient anything, she’s American. It was always part of plan IMO, to come back out like gangbusters! A never was to fulfill her dream of becoming an A-lister celeb was still a top priority.


Meghan will never care what you or I think. If it’s not part of her narrative and as long as Harry is a good little Prince. He can play along or until she doesn’t need him anymore. Her track record speaks for itself.  If you’re against her publically, you’ll be visited by her woke left LARPERS. You can thank Sunshine Sachs for that one!


Note for the record, her people in the US have never gone away, they were waiting.  Meghan was always building a brand, she almost diabolical with a thirst for power and money.

Creative Artist Agency was more than happy to send invites to their stable of stars to come to the wedding. None of these people knew who she was before meeting Harry.  George and Amal weren’t friends with Meghan before, and the thirst couple loves the publicity along with Oprah.  They should be careful navigating the waters post-Epstein.

The other Hollywood billionaires pedos will be revealed one at a time, isn’t that right Oprah and David Geffen?

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Charlotte and George cute photo came on Front Page of The Times,Daily Express,Daily Mail and Telegraph,The Sun shade is amazing,Dan Wooton ‘Exclusive’,MegA Star,Hollywood agent runs her career,’Meghan has sparked new concers at ‘BP’-by using a Hollywood agent,lawyer and bussiness manager. The secret US Team is looking after her future carrer-and believe to be in negotiations for her first children’s book’ and they slipt with Char&Ge photo’At least someone’s getting on with their brother..”LOLOL


Of course she kept her old team.

LOL they never left, kept on the back burner for the exit strategy. The girl isn’t dumb, but she built her fashion line and she will fight for the tooth and nail. 

Look at this way

✅ Foodie book 

✅Fashion Icon

✅Fashion Line

✅ Travel 

✅ A- list celebrity 

✅Archie the insurance policy 

✅Everything she was trying to do prior to Harry and now she has it. 

All she had to do was speak the woke speak, group think

the Creative Artist Agency, she got A-listers to come to the wedding from them as well. I had found out George Soros was using multiple talent agencies to spread his word. The thirsty actress steps forward. 

You have to admire her hustle, she conned a monarchy and they used her as a distraction. 

It’s Funny

Sunshine is back and just in time for old man Markle to make an appearance. Coincidence, nope, let the circus begin again. 

I guess we should be ready for the trolls and the super uber fake fans yelling the left woke speak. 

It was so peaceful without all the hoopla, well get ready folks black PR is back. That means doing whatever it takes. PR agencies are self-policing when you use the dark side, you get nasty! Just like Meghan Markle former yacht girl and Harvey Weinstein willing play toy. 

Meghan Markle hires crisis management firm that once represented Harvey Weinstein and Michael Jackson in bid to improve her damaged image

Meghan Markle hires crisis management firm that once represented Harvey Weinstein and Michael Jackson in bid to improve her damaged image

Billy Boy claims to know nothing but the left expects Trump to know a lot. What a joke!

Of course, the Clintons know nothing about Jeffrey Epstein and never heard anything about the terrible crimes”. Just like Hillary and Bill never heard about Harvey Weinstein. They just accepted their money since those two donated a lot of money to the Democratic Party.
“Bill Clinton ‘knows nothing’ about financier Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘terrible crimes,’ former president’s spokesman says.



Authorities urge anyone who may have been victimized by Jeffrey Epstein to come forward
Billionaire hedge fund manager Jeffrey Epstein pleads not guilty to sex trafficking charges; Bryan Llenas reports from New York.


Bill Clinton “knows nothing” about the “terrible crimes” linked to Jeffrey Epstein, the former president’s spokesman said Monday, in Clinton’s first statement after new sex-trafficking charges were lobbed against the wealthy financier.


An indictment alleging sex trafficking and sex trafficking conspiracy was unsealed Monday morning against Epstein, the wealthy and politically connected financier who pleaded not guilty during his initial appearance in a New York City federal court. Prosecutors allege Epstein, the 66-year-old wealthy hedge fund manager arrested on Saturday, preyed on “dozens” of victims as young as 14.


“In 2002 and 2003, President Clinton took a total of four trips on Jeffrey Epstein’s airplane: one to Europe, one to Asia, and two to Africa, which included stops in connection with the work of the Clinton Foundation,” the statement said. “Staff, supporters of the foundation, and his Secret Service detail traveled on every leg of every trip. He had one meeting with Epstein in his Harlem office in 2002, and around the same time made one brief visit to Epstein’s New York apartment with a staff member and his security detail. He’s not spoken to Epstein in well over a decade, and he has never been to Little St. James Island, Epstein’s ranch in New Mexico, or his residence in Florida.”


Documents obtained by Fox News in 2016 showed that Clinton took at least 26 trips flying aboard Epstein’s private jet, known as the “Lolita Express,” and apparently ditched his Secret Service detail on some of the excursions. Separately, claims in court showed that President Trump may have flown on the jet at least once, as well.”

They have the logs, why deny it?  Trump flew from Daytona back to Teterboro but Clinton flew to the island and much more than once.  Clinton’s foundation was involved with some sort of sex scandal in Haiti??


I suspect more teams of lawyers coming to the Clinton defense with I can’t recall comments. We shall see, there is still the wiki leaks. It would be a shame to watch them get away with murder again.


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Oh, sh#t

Mar. 15, 2019 – 3:06 – The Justice Department ‘negotiated’ an agreement with Hillary Clinton’s legal team to block FBI access to emails on her private server regarding the Clinton Foundation, according to testimony from former FBI special agent Peter Strzok. (Much more to come)—— Wow! In this point, you cannot say Obama knew nothing? And they wanted to say Trump was corrupt? He was but not on the same level as Clinton.

Now Hillary’s former adviser will be advising MM? Lol if MM wants the US tour, the #metoo movement, Clooney the climate chance and open border hypocrite, and Hillary herself should pay for all the expenses.


I agree with anon, and I even said the other day in a post it’s pretty clear to me how involved the Hollywood industry is conducting the BRF for their gain.

Why does an American industry need to stick their noses where it doesn’t belong? Prince Andrew, I’m afraid, the agenda is clear they are going after sexual abusers, however, I also said that’s why we have the justice system.  Witch hunts were outlawed a very long time ago and the presumption of innocence until proved guilty in a court of law and sentenced by the jury of their peers is what is needed.

The Micheal Jackson accusations coming after his death by Oprah Winfrey and HBO shows the agenda for the METoo movement and Time’s up. The biggest hypocrite is putting people on trial in the court of public opinion therefore poisoning the jury pool.  No man or woman will ever get a fair trial.  They have 22 million dollars to do with as they please.  I pray the DOJ looks into this practice and shuts it down.

Hillary and the Clinton Foundation represented by Sunshine Sachs, okay and people said I’m a conspiracy theorists, HA!  What do you think now?  IMO they all knew!

I expect some blowback from this.  It’s time for them to feel some pain for a change, drain the swamp!

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Race card again?

Wow ! Now Stacey Abrams is using a race card to defend MM? Seriously?!


This Stacey Abrams, the one that a California Resident, Oprah Winfrey went door to door to campaign for? That one?  I’m living in the South.  That’s carpetbagging.

Again, Creative Artist Agency and Sunshine Sachs involvement.  Metoo movement with 22 million in their war chest.  People, she is not going to go broke, this is dirty pool man.

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